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A guide to hair plopping for perfect curls

A guide to hair plopping for perfect curls

If there is one thing that people with natural curls know all too well, is that getting defined and frizz-free curls is hard.

But could ‘hair plopping’ be the answer to your problems? Some people swear by it. Some people think it doesn’t work. But they might be doing it wrong.

If you want to know all about hair plopping and how it can change your hair care routine, here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland, we show you how.

What Is Hair Plopping?

In simple terms, hair plopping is a heat-free technique that cuts down on drying time while giving you defined and soft curls. It also keeps frizz at bay as you won’t be touching your hair while it dries.

What You Need
  • A leave in conditioner
  • Hair Gel
  • A diffuser (optional)
  • A t-shirt or microfiber towel
Start With Freshly Washed Hair

Some people will recommend applying all of your products in the shower so you can keep your hair wet for better absorption. However, this all depends on your hair type. For example, those of you with fine hair may want to apply your styling products to damp hair.

After shampooing and conditioning, take a leave in conditioner for extra moisture and apply it to your hair. Make sure you concentrate on your ends as they are the driest part.

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream from

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream from

To lock in that moisture, you can take a hair gel and apply it using the praying hands method. Or, to give your curls some definition, you can scrunch the product into your hair. Avoid touching your hair too much to prevent frizz.

Grab a T-Shirt Or Microfiber Towel

After applying all your products to your hair, take a t-shirt and lay it on a flat surface with the sleeves facing you.

Set Your Curls

Gently fold over at your waist and place your curls in the centre of the fabric with the t-shirt at the nape of your neck. If you want to stretch your curls, you can skip scrunching and wrap your hair in the t-shirt like an accordion.

Fold The Sleeves

Take the sleeves of the tee and tie them in a knot behind your head. You are essentially making a turban. Depending on your hair texture, you should leave your hair for about 20-minutes for the excess water to be absorbed.

After you follow these steps, you can use a diffuser if your hair is not fully dry. But remember to keep your hands off your hair until it is fully dry.

A guide to hair plopping for perfect curls

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