Some beauty hacks to try using a spoon Ireland

Some beauty hacks to try using a spoon

Some beauty hacks to try using a spoon

Makeup and beauty should always be about fun. Perfecting the art of elegance in our daily makeup routine is important but does not always require expensive tools in the application process.

However, did you know that some of the best multipurpose equipment in beauty maintenance can be found in your own kitchen.

The old reliable spoon found in every home is one such tool. It has a number of uses to in helping us achieve greatness in the beauty department. Here are a few hacks we can all trying using a spoon.

It can prevent your mascara from Smudging

This is an easy one that doesn’t need much training to implement. It can help you when applying your mascara to keep eye makeup immaculate.

The design of the spoon is just right to help cover the upper eyelid which will stop smudging. All that is required is patience and concentration. Hold the spoon in place while applying mascara to your beautiful lashes.

Construct that perfect winged cat eye

For those of you who are looking to perfect the craft of the winged cat eye then your spoon can be your best friend. Simply line the spoon handle with your lash line.

The idea is to use it like a stencil which will help you draw a fresh upwardly wing line. Now turn the spoon in order to connect the end of your straight line in the centre of your lash line. Trace it to create the upper outline for that perfect cat eye. All that is required now is to colour in between the lines and that’s it.

CLARINS Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D Waterproof from

CLARINS Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D Waterproof from

Fixing your foundation

Your faithful spoon is helpful when you require a quick solution to smooth foundation over fine lines Grab a cold spoon and gently run it along the direction of your fine lines. Do this a few times and then apply your foundation. This method can help smooth and flatten your skin on a temporary basis. It helps prevent any caked up creases and lines.

The eye lash curler solution

Most of us gals at one time or another have forgotten to pack our trusted lash curlers. We love and reply on them to help us maintain a great lash look.

Fear not as here’s where the spook can come into play. Take your spoon in a horizontal position and sandwich your lashes between the thumb and the round edge of your spoon. Now curl from the base.

Once you have managed to curl the lashes turn the scoop part of the spoon over the lid area and apply your mascara. This will prevent it from smudging onto your eyelid. For a little extra lift, use your hairdryer to heat the spoon. It works I promise you.

Contouring your cheeks

Yep this is another great hack using your spoon. Simply apply and hold the hollow part of the spoon against the apple of your cheek.

Use the bottom edge of your spoon as guiding tool as this takes any guess work out of contouring basin part of the cheek. Simple yet effective.

Treating bad breath

Yep this one does worth and is why it’s worth carrying a spoon in your handbag ladies. By gently scrapping any excess particles off your tongue using your spoon can help prevent bad breath. This will remove any excessive bacteria without damaging it. Do this three times a day and notice the difference. However, gentle does it!


Some beauty hacks to try using a spoon

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