Style hacks to upgrading men's fashion wardrobe on a budget Ireland

Style hacks to upgrading men’s fashion wardrobe on a budget

Style hacks to upgrading men’s fashion wardrobe on a budget

Your sense of style reflects who you are. But, sometimes, your wardrobe doesn’t align with your self-identity.

And that’s when you need an upgrade. Yet, upgrading your wardrobe – particularly on a budget – can be daunting to some men. Here at Men’s Fashion Ireland we show you some tips to get you started.

Look At What You Have

The first step to upgrading any part of your life is to take stock of what you already have.

When it comes to clothes, that means emptying out your wardrobe and going through each item one by one. Work in two piles. Place the clothes that are sentimental, or you want to keep in one pile and anything else in another.

The second pile can be donated to second-hand shops or, if too badly damaged, thrown out.

Get Some Style Ideas

It can be difficult to settle on a style when there is so much choice of outfits out there. Trying to keep up with the latest trends can just be exhausting. But this is where the difference between fashion and style comes in.

And it’s important to remember that they are not the same thing. Fashion is more about trends that people are wearing at any given time. Whereas style can be a reflection of your own self-image. It’s more personal. Your style is a non-verbal way of communicating your personality to the world.

If you are unsure of where to start looking for style ideas, sites like Pinterest are a good place to begin. Or you can look up hashtags on Instagram, like #mensfashion.

Shop in Person

Now more than ever, people are buying their clothes online. And while it may be convenient, it can also be a hassle. Especially when the clothes do not fit properly.

By shopping in person, you learn more about clothes that fit you and what colours flatter your complexion.

Classic Lite Micro Pique Polo Shirt from Superdry

Classic Lite Micro Pique Polo Shirt from Superdry

Stick To Your Budget

You do not need to have a specific number in mind. But it helps to consider how much in general you are willing to spend on upgrading your wardrobe.

Go back to looking at the existing items you own. You can save money by buying clothes that will match these items. That way, you are not splurging on an entire new wardrobe.

Say you have a nice pair of trousers but nothing to go with them. work around them and buy some shirts.

Accessories Are Key

The devil is in the details. And even more so when it comes to changing up your look. You’d be surprised how much accessories can make or break your outfit.

But it’s all about the right ones. If you want to power up your wardrobe, try to avoid spending a lot of money on accessories. Expensive ones will only work if the rest of your clothes fit that profile. A Rolex will flop when paired with an old polo shirt that looks tatty.

Make sure that the accessories you choose add to your outfit and do not overshadow it. A polished stone pendant on a leather necklace will make you look rugged without costing an arm or leg.

Style hacks to upgrading men’s fashion wardrobe on a budget

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