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Lil Nas X fronts new Christian Cowan SS21 campaign

Lil Nas X fronts new Christian Cowan SS21 campaign

In Irish fashion news, rapper Lil Nas X has teamed up with Christian Cowan to front his new Spring 21 campaign.

The New York singer appears alongside the British fashion designer where the pair highlight hip new fashion garments from Christian’s Spring collection.

21-year old Lil Nas X was even involved in some of the design work for Cowan’s new range. This isn’t the first time the pair have worked together. Christian was responsible for dressing the rap star for the 2019 VMA’s (MTV Video Music Awards)

Talking about the new venture with Cowan, Lil Nas X commented that Christian designed and dressed him for his first ever red carpet look that that resembled a little bit of Prince into his look.

Maintaining their friendship after the MTV event the duo agreed that they would work on a new project to help the LGBT community which they both support.

Part of this was to assist Black trans women who they feel are ignored by society.

The pair agreed that 100% of all profits from their collaboration will go to help Atlanta’s Black queer youth via a new fund that has been set up in conjunction with the Loveland Foundation who are a non-profit organisation that provides specific help and assistance Black girls and women.

Talking about this new project, Lil Nas X explained: “The trans community, especially the Black trans community, is one of the most looked down upon groups in the entire world, and the least cared for.”

Christian Gowan has styled and dressed some of the biggest name in world of show business today with his client including Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, and Naomi Campbell.

Following on from Lil Nas X comments about the trans community, he said “There’s been so many attacks on the trans community, even within the past few months, and it’s not publicised enough in the US. People forget that the entire Pride movement was started by Black trans women.”

Designs from Christian’s new Spring 2021 collection are influenced by the punk and gay culture. All pieces are designed towards being sex and gender neutral.

Their new collection has already received praise from fashion critics as it debuted earlier this week at New York Fashion Week via a special virtual film, which features a cast of characters who embody the free-spirited vibe of the clothes themselves.


Lil Nas X fronts new Christian Cowan SS21 campaign

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