How to style your skirt during winter while staying warm Ireland

How to style your skirt during winter while staying warm

How to style your skirt during winter while staying warm

It’s a never-ending battle between wanting to look good and keeping warm in winter. And while you think that winter is ages away, it comes around quicker than you think.

But how do you look good in a skirt and keep your legs warm at the same time? Fortunately for you, Here at Teenage Fashion Ireland, we’ve put together a list of tips to keep out the cold this upcoming winter season.


Some of you may not think that thick opaque tights are that different from normal pantyhose or sheer leggings. However, they definitely do make a difference.

Black tights will pair well with skirts and boots in all different styles and they really will keep out the cold.


Yes, thigh-high boots don’t just look good, they can also be a great way to keep out the cold. Not to mention that they are incredibly easy to style and will go with most things in your wardrobe.

Mesh Flippy Skirt from

Mesh Flippy Skirt from

Inner Lining

Some boots have an inside layer or thermal material that will trap in heat and keep you warm. These are great because, not only do you still look chic and stylish, you get to keep your legs nice and warm.


Sometimes keeping the upper half of your body warm can help to minimise the cold you feel in your legs. Wearing thermal underwear, thick knitted jumpers and scarves with hats will balance out the exposure from your legs.

Wool Skirts

Certain fabrics are just made to trap in heat and that includes wool. Wearing a wool skirt in winter will keep you toasty. And if you are worried about looking like your grandmother, don’t be. There are lots of stylish wool skirts available.

And if you are sick of wearing tights, choose a wool skirt in the right length. That way, you can forego the tights and just wear your boots.

Long Skirts

Another way to keep out the cold is by choosing the right skirt length. So make it a long one. Wearing long skirts with your boots will allow you to wear thick tights underneath to keep you warm.

This way you get to look cute rocking your long skirt while at the same time staying cosy and warm.


How to style your skirt during winter while staying warm

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