Puma & Replay collaborate for new Ralph Sampson sneaker

Puma & Replay collaborate for new Ralph Sampson sneaker

In Irish fashion news, Replay and Puma have united to re-issue a limited edition 1980’s classic sneaker. The German sportswear brand have partnered with Italian fashion label for this unique venture.

This collab will see the pair reinterpret a version of Puma’s 1980’s iconic ‘Ralph Sampson’ sneaker. The shoe itself was originally designed back in the 80’s by the NBA legend Ralph Sampson.

Replay was founded back in Asolo, Italy in 1981

This new limited-edition sneaker is a retake of the retro sneaker titled “Ralph Sampson By Puma For Replay Sneaker.” This time around however, it takes on a more contemporary and environmental twist.

The sneakers itself consists of Ecostone, which is new type of stone that comes with an abrasive finish which is similar to pumice stone.

However, this shoe is more environmentally friendly as it avoids any sitting of residue on the shoe which would require additional cleaning.

The sneaker has also been hand finished with abrasion and colouring that uses natural pigments.

The design of the sneaker combines the classic aspect of Replay’s signature jeans with the original Puma design which echoes the heritage of each brand.1948.

Puma was founded after the Second World war in Herzogenaurach, Germany

The white leather comes with a grainy finish and incorporates a copper-toned logo on the heel.

It also includes piping throughout the design with charcoal textured features on the sides of the shoe. The word ‘REPLAY’ is also hand stitched in black on the lower heel.

In a media statement released by the Chief Executive Officer of of Fashion Box SpA, who own Replay, Matteo Sinigaglia, acknowledged that his company are proud to be part of this iconic shoe collaboration with Puma.

Matteo said “Puma are a brand that keeps on forging the history of the sport industry. This co-branding is a celebration of the values we mostly share: attention to quality, research on innovation and eco-sustainable processes.”

Today Replay are owned by Fashion Box S.p.A

Bjørn Gulden who is the CEO of Puma commented that they are delighted to announce their unique partnership with Replay which is one of his own personal favourite fashion brands.

Gulden said “Italian design, great quality, a focus on innovation for products and processes and a very high commitment to sustainability is what characterises their brand and company. We are looking forward to collaborating with such a great partner.”

The new Ralph Sampson By Puma For Replay Sneaker is available for sale now at replayjeans.com, priced at €290.00.


Puma & Replay collaborate for new Ralph Sampson sneaker

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