Easy ways to style men’s polo shirts all year round Ireland

Easy ways to style men’s polo shirts all year round

Easy ways to style men’s polo shirts all year round

What’s not to love about the polo shirt? Since its introduction back in the late 19th century with a button-down collar design, polo shirt is a true fashion staple for any man’s wardrobe today.

The beauty about the polo shirt is it can be dressed up or down for almost any smart casual occasion. The choice of textures and colours available makes them an all year asset to any guys fashion arsenal.

Whether it’s summer when paired with jeans or chinos, to smart work attire for the office, they are a man’s best fashion friend. Here at men’s fashion Ireland news we show you ways to dress you men’s polo shirt to look great whatever the season.

Men's Mando Coolweave Polo Shirt Camo Green Ireland

Men’s Mando Coolweave Polo Shirt Camo Green

The smart casual polo shirt experience

The great thing about the men’s polo shirt is can be dressed either up or down. This makes it perfect for semi casual occasions like a day at the races, golf events.

It’s so easy to dress that by adding a blazer or sports jacket it looks stylish. A crisp white polo shirt is the easiest of them to pair with a pair of jeans, men’s chinos or trousers.

However, other red looking polo colours like navy, pink and black are fab. The key thing to remember is make sure your choice of colour contrasts with the rest of your assemble.

A casual work look

Given that work attire has become more relaxed in recent years, the polo shirt is a fashionable choice for a relaxed work wear. Whether you are office based or working in retail, the polo is smart yet relaxed fashion.

The key things to remember when styling polo shirts as work wear is to tone them down. The likes of blacks, navy, reds and whites are perfect choices.

They can easily paired with nice fitted slacks or chinos. Again make sure to contrast your colours to balance your fashion look. Add a pair of clean sharp men’s shoes and you got it. Again a smart blazer can be added as extra layering for when the temperatures drop.

Relaxed polo shirt days

Given the versatility of the polo shirt means it looks great with most items in any guys wardrobe. The beauty about the polo shirt is it’s great for days when you are doing nothing but still want to look good.

This type of polo shirt can include logo brands to the breast area but ever so slightly. When you ain’t got no particular place to go, skinny jeans and chinos are comfy choices for any man.

Again keep you colours contrasting to maintain balance to your overall finish. Complete with plain colour block men’s trainers or brogues.

Men's Remex II Jersey Polo Shirt Camo Green from Regatta.ie

Men’s Remex II Jersey Polo Shirt Camo Green from Regatta.ie

The polo shirt date night

So, you have that date with your partner or simply going out to meet someone ad make an impression. In comes the polo shirt to give you a helping hand.

It transcends from casual to smart fashion in a few clicks. By adding fitted jeans, trousers or chinos you are half way there.

Now add a fitted style blazer style jacket to a neutral plan polo. Complete with pair of stylish lace or oxford shoes. It’s stylish without going over the top with a suit finish.

The summer day polo shirt look

This is perfect for any summer day look. All that is required here is a nice pair of fitted style men’s shorts and polo shirt. Although summer days are relaxed affairs, you still want to maintain a stylish rhythm to you look.

Make sure your choice of shirt and shorts are contrasting and complete the look with white trainers or boating style shoe.


Easy ways to style men’s polo shirts all year round

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