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Simple rules to remember when styling ladies black leggings

Simple rules to remember when styling ladies black leggings

Wearing any type of leggings is a fab way to show off your toned legs. The versatility of leggings means they can be dressed either up or down. Suitable for women of all ages, leggings are perfect for 12-month fashion wear. The bonus is they are super comfy and can stretch with the movement of your legs.

How you style them is another thing, especially in summer when worn by most with a tee or hoodie. Out of all tones of ladies leggings, black is probably the safest. Their dark shades have a slimming effect on most gals silhouettes.

In ladies fashion news Ireland, we check out simple styling rules when wearing black ladies leggings. From Capri styles to ankle and full lengths, we show you how to max the look of your leggings all year round.

Choosing a top to wear with your black leggings

There are a few rules to follow when choosing above the waist fashion to pair with your black leggings. For a modest looking finish, your top should always provide adequate cover to your crotch and rear.

This rule can be relaxed during warmer months. However, apply the correct underwear that negates any VPL’s (visible panty lines) The tone of your top should also mirror the colour of your choice of footwear. This adds balance to your overall finish.

The likes of tunic tops are fab for women who enjoy the legging style. Their variety of shapes, lengths, and styles is why they are popular choices.

For the summer season floral and print mixes or even tie-dye tops are also an accept choice to match with your leggings. Just remember to get the balance right.

Summer style tops and black leggings
  • One shoulder top
  • Lace detailed shirts or blouses
  • Crop tops
  • Tees
  • Long length hoodie
Rest of the year tops and black leggings
  • Sports hoodies
  • Long length knits and ladies cardigans
Choice of footwear with black leggings

The likes of flats are always an acceptable choice of footwear to fuse with any stylish pair of black leggings. It’s always wise to opt for neutral shades as they can pair with almost any pair of black leggings.

Any type of flats are good for a smarter casual daytime finishes. For that more sporty look, girls sneakers are super fab for daytime wear. From chunky trainers to canvass shoes, colour balance with the rest of your assemble in important. For nice summer evenings, a nice crisp shirt, black leggings and ankle boots present a killer look.

Moving to winter, the focus is going to be as much on your choice of footwear as it is on your leggings. Tall boots and low heels are also a fab finish. Again, ensure your footwear tone balances with your choice of above the waist fashion.

Black Capri Leggings from Dunnes Stores

Black Capri Leggings from Dunnes Stores

Black leggings under the dress look

A well fitted pair of black leggings looks fab when worn under your dress. Midi length dresses are the perfect choice. They camouflage your bum and crotch. Maxi dresses or any long length dress are a big no no as this coupling looks confusing. Avoid any type of baggy leggings at all times. Dresses that suit black leggings are

  • A colourful lace style dress
  • Wrap dress design
  • Tunic dresses
  • Mini dress
  • Stretch sweater dress (autumn and winter)

For those of your who’s calves and knees seem to bulge when wearing leggings, opt for a crop legging design with knee length finish dress. This elongates the look of your dress making your calves look slimmer For those of you opting for the below the knee legging look, choose a mid-thigh length dress and finish with flat footwear.

How to wear black leggings in summer

Choosing black leggings to wear in a warmer climate can only mean one thing, breathable material. Black is a non-reflective colour when the sun shines. This means your leggings can heat up very quickly. The likes of cotton leggings are a perfect choice. They are not only light but allow the legs to breathe.

Whether fusing with a white tee or ladies crop top to mixing with that tunic dress for evening attire, cotton leggings won’t let you down. Again, it’s about balancing your tones above the belt line with your footwear that will determine your fashion finish.

Be creative when accessorising

One of the great things about wearing leggings is that it allows you to be creative when accessorising. Because their look only goes up to semi casual means you can be inventive when adding accessories to your look.

From single pieces to layering your accessories over your top or dress can add something different to your look. Always make sure your finish looks tasteful and elegant.


Simple rules to remember when styling ladies black leggings

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