StylishDenim culottes Ireland 2020

Stylish ways to dress denim culottes this winter 2020

Stylish ways to dress denim culottes this winter 2020

If you love to make a fashion statement, then denim culottes should be in your wardrobe. For those not familiar, culottes are essentially a cropped flared jean.

But they tend to have a reputation for looking too casual. And we are here to change that. Here at Teenage Fashion Ireland we show you how you can dress up your denim culottes for a sophisticated look this winter.


Since denim culottes have slouchy appearance that is associated with casual wear, dress them up with a blouse. You can take a silk shirt and a leather bag to create a sleek and comfortable look.


For those of you who are average height or smaller, this tip is for you. You may think with the wide hems and cropped length that culottes are not for you. Not the case.

Try going monochrome. When you wear a solid colour head to toe, you create the illusion of a taller silhouette. This is especially effective when wearing darker colours. And for an extra height boost, you can always wear heels.

Double Denim

This one is for the true lovers of denim. And don’t worry. Double denim has come a long way since the days of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

Pair your culottes with a denim top in the same shade for truly stylish look. You can dress this up or down, depending on accessories. Go big with an attention-grabbing faux fur coat. And do not forget the ballet flats worn over socks.

Blue mid rise culotte jeans from River Island

Blue mid rise culotte jeans from River Island

Black Leather Jacket

Pulling off culottes all comes down to getting the proportions right. Some people like to wear a more flared style, while others stick to a slimmer cut.

Layering a leather jacket will give your hips coverage and hide areas of your body you are insecure about. Not to mention, it looks very fashionable in the city.

A Colourful One

An attention-seeking yellow leather jacket in a slim-fit cut is the ideal match for your culottes. Getting the right culotte length comes down to personal choice. The typical length normally hits mid-calf. However, your perfect length may be a little longer.

But pairing a bright yellow jacket with some acid wash culottes is the best way to brighten up your winter wardrobe.

Statement Shoes

While you can certainly pair your culottes with some flat shoes, they really work better with heels. A mid-height heel or higher will elongate your legs and help you avoid looking stumpy in shorter jeans.

And with their shorter hem line, culottes are perfect for showcasing your boots and shoes.

Stylish ways to dress denim culottes this winter 2020

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