Fashion tips to styling your trench coat this Autumn 2020 Ireland

Fashion tips to styling your trench coat this Autumn 2020

Fashion tips to styling your trench coat this Autumn 2020

This year has been a bit of a roller-coaster and it’s hard to believe that it’s nearing autumn already.

But along with unexpected weather, autumn is the perfect time of year to wear your trench coat. It’s a staple wardrobe piece that can be worn again and again and never goes out of style.

Here at Ladies Fashion Ireland we show you just some ways you can style your trench coat this season.


If you are wearing a cute dress and want to show it off, throw on your trench coat and tie the belt in the back.


With just a pair of jeans and a jumper, you can wear your trench by tying it in the front for a laidback look.


One way to make a statement with your trench coat is to let it do all the talking. In other words, let it be the focal point of your outfit. Pair it with a classic little black dress – something everyone should have – buckle up the top of your coat and finish with some killer heels.

M&S COLLECTION  Double Breasted Trench Coat

Double Breasted Trench Coat


While a tan trench coat is a classic, you don’t have to sit with basic colours. There are plenty of coats out available in burgundy, navy, teal or even pastel shades. So you can easily find one that will help you show off your personality and sense of style.

Know The Length

This tip is for all you fellow petite people out there. We know how hard it is to find clothes that fit us correctly. If you are tiny and want to wear a trench coat, it needs to be the right length. Otherwise, it can make you look even smaller.

Get one that fits to your knee at maximum and not any longer.


Not sure how to style your trench coat? Social media is a great place to start. Seriously, we could spend hours scouring sites like Pinterest and Instagram looking at style inspiration. Take a leaf out of your favourite street style star’s book and place your coat over your shoulders. A bit like a cape.

Evening Look

Forget what you’ve heard about the humble trench coat. You can absolutely rock it during a night out. Just swap out your office attire with a lace dress and a pair of heels. However, to really pull off this look, you need to make sure that the fabric of your trench coat is sophisticated.

Rainy Day

The weather in Ireland is always unpredictable. But there is always a good chance that it will rain at some point. So it’s best to be prepared. If the rainy weather does arrive, you should wear your trench coat with leather leggings and a pair of warm boots. Not only will you look trendy and chic, but the leggings and boots will keep at least some part of you dry.

Fashion tips to styling your trench coat this Autumn 2020

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