Ways to make flared trousers look good on you Ireland

Ways to make flared trousers look good on you

Ways to make flared trousers look good on you

It’s one of the hottest fashion trends to come out of this year. That’s right, the flared trouser is back.

You’ve probably seen it dominating your Insta feeds. But before you go out and buy a pair, there are some things to keep in mind. It’s important that you choose a design that works best with your body shape. And you also need to think about how to style your flared trousers with the rest of your wardrobe.

Here at Teenage fashion Ireland we show how to style flared jeans so that they work for everyone.

Pear Shape Or Hourglass

There’s only one thing to keep in mind when wearing flared trousers when you are an hourglass shape. Do not wear flares that are too tight around your thighs. Instead, go for a slightly looser fit that looks flattering on your body.

Apple Body Shape

It’s best not to wear a flare that is too crazy. In other words, choose a trouser that is somewhere between a straight leg and a flare. If you have a slim body shape, the flare can fit around your thighs. And for my curvier body shapes, stick to a flare that’s loose from top to bottom.

Ladies Flared Jeans from Bershka

Ladies Flared Jeans from Bershka

Rectangle & Triangle Body Shape

For my people with rectangular or triangular body shapes, wearing flared trousers with medium wide legs is the best choice.


A pair of denim flared jeans are considered a wardrobe essential for 2020. For a chic casual look, pair your flared jeans with a white cable knit jumper and boots. However, if you want to bring some edge to your look, wear some animal print flared trousers and a black leather jacket. To balance out your look, keep it simple with a basic t-shirt.


If you think that flared trousers are hard to wear in a formal setting, we are here to tell you that you are wrong. When paired with a formal blazer, your flared trousers can look retro and glamorous. You can go for a monochrome look with a white blazer and trousers. Or you can break up your look with a printed blazer and camel colour trousers.


Ways to make flared trousers look good on you

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