Simple ways to style men’s denim jeans this Autumn Ireland

Simple ways to style men’s denim jeans this Autumn 2020

Simple ways to style men’s denim jeans this Autumn 2020

For most of us, summer has been a pure disaster due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It put the blocks on travel and social gathering with our friends.

For most spring and summer fashion was confined to sweats and athleisurewear given the fact pub and club gatherings were restricted.

Not to dwell on things, it’s now time for guys to turn their attention to Autumn fashion. Making that transition across from shorts and trackies will be a god send for true male fashionistas.

With most guys looking for a bit more protective layering with temperatures about to dip, we welcome back the reliable denim jeans look.

What’s trending in men’s jeans wear this season

This fashion season, men’s denim jeans will once again take centre stage as part of your reliable wardrobe fashion staple. Men’s skinny jeans are in this Autumn/ Winter 2020 as well as the modest straight leg jeans.

As we approach October, the month that the clocks go back in time, we at Men’s Fashion Ireland show you have to make the most of your jeans look this season.

Updating your denim collection

We all know that jeans are the most popular daily fashion choice for most guys. From skinnies to low rise to regular fits, jeans won’t let you down. It’s all about you style them that is key to a great finish.

Choosing the right fit

This is important when choosing jeans to fit your body size. While you want them to look good, they also should offer comfort and shape to contour your body properly.

The baggy jeans look seem to be taking a back seat this season. It’s now all about the fitted jeans look. With Skinny jeans trending once again, make sure the fit isn’t too tight around the thigh and crotch area.

This can cause great discomfort when chilling with the boys. It doesn’t look cool when you have to adjust your crotch area every time you move.

Allow for an extra inch or two with the fit. Good quality jeans should allow you to move without restriction. One good tip when buying skinnies is to always try them on before committing to them.

If you can bend over and touch your knees comfortably then the fit is good. With straight leg jeans, the same rule applies. However, getting the right length in the leg is vital. A quality fitting straight leg pair of jeans should always sit one inch below the ankle.

Dirty Wash Men's Straight Leg Jeans from

Dirty Wash Men’s Straight Leg Jeans from

Different shades of Jeans

Although blue is the most preferred colour of most men’s jeans, don’t be scared to be experiment. This season earthly shades of browns are the “in thing” in men’s jeans wear.

While greys and black jeans fall in nicely behind the popular blue denim shades, always ensure that your choice of jeans fits in with at least 60% of your Autumn wardrobe collection.

The causal jeans look this Autumn

With some of the current COVID-19 restrictions looking likely to stay in place until the end of the year, showing off your jeans look may be limited. However there is never an excuse to drop your fashion guard because of this. The great thing about men’s jeans they can be dressed up or down right?

This Autumn fusing your jeans with season colours is one way of maintain your great fashion look. Greys, black, Electric blues even celery, yes celery are popular hues this fashion season.

You can never go wrong with your fashion look when marrying a quality hoodie with your denims for that real casual look. Be inventive with you look by injecting some colour into your above the waist finish. Complete any great relaxed hoodie and jeans look with a clean crisp pair of white trainers.

The smart casual Autumn affect

A bit more thought needs to go into this look but not too much. You are trying to up the ante by having a more polished finish to your dress.

Neutral shades offer excellent undertones and apply beige, ivory or taupe to your fitted shirt finish. Any of these balanced shades fuse perfectly with blue, grey or black denim jeans.

Add a smart pair of men’s boots or shoes to complete the look. For laying opt for a suit style jacket or men’s blazer in neutral shades. This will help your fashion look to blend in with the Autumn surroundings without standing out from the crowd.


Simple ways to style men’s denim jeans this Autumn 2020

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