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Fashion styling tips that every tall girl should know

Fashion styling tips that every tall girl should know

While many supermodels have legs that go on for days, for the average tall person, it’s hard to find pieces that fit their body perfectly.

Certain trends like mom jeans and mini skirts can be hard to work with but don’t stress. It’s key to feel comfortable in anything you wear so here at Teenage Fashion Ireland we show you our tips to help any tall girl feel confident with her body shape.

Opt For Maxi Dresses And Skirts

Maxi dresses, maxi skirts and midi dresses are practically made for tall people and their long legs. When in doubt, go for longer pieces that will highlight your tall frame and gorgeous legs.

Find The Right Waistline

Just because high-waisted clothes seem like they are made for tall people, it doesn’t mean you should wear them.

If you have a long torso, wearing anything too high-waisted can look ridiculous. While long pieces can accentuate your height, some pieces can make you look extra tall and out of proportion.

Jumpsuits Are Your BFF

Much like maxi dresses, jumpsuits are practically made for longer frames. This makes them ideal for my tall girls out there.

Opting for a single piece can accentuate your tall frame. Picking a jumpsuit in your favourite colour or pattern will help make your outfit pop.

Black Molly mid rise jeggings from River Island

Black Molly mid rise jeggings from River Island

So Are Skinny & Straight Jeans

Skinny jeans are a tall girl’s best friend. Don’t worry too much about the length as oppose to fit and feel.

Flare and bootcut jeans don’t have as long an inseam and get make your legs look shorter. Skinny jeans look longer. Even if they are a little short. Because they fit snugly near your ankle, it’s hard to tell if they are not as long as they should be.

While skinny jeans are kind of going out of style right now, slim-fitting straight jeans are the way to go. When shopping for jeans, make sure that they slim towards the ankle. This will give you the same look as a skinny ankle fit.

When In Doubt, Oversize It

Like maxi dresses, anything oversized is perfect for a tall frame. Plus, baggy garments are very trendy right now so you will always look stylish with minimal effort.

But it’s important to remember the most important fashion tip of all. Always choose something that makes you feel and look comfortable. Even if the outfit is cute, there is no point in wearing it if you’ll be uncomfortable all day.

Fashion styling tips that every tall girl should know

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