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Every fashion essentials men should have in his gym bag

Every fashion essentials men should have in his gym bag

In a time where everyone has a desire to keep fit and healthy, there has never been a bigger emphasis on gym wear and performance clothes.

Whether you believe it or not, the clothes you wear when working out can impact your performance. If you don’t feel good in what you wear, you might not feel like working out.

If you are interested in getting fitter but don’t know how to choose the right clothes, here at Men’s Fashion Ireland we will show you how.

Sweat Resistant Shirt

Believe us when we say that it is very important to wear a sweat resistant shirt at the gym. Not only will it keep you fresh and energetic, but your body odour will not get interfere with other people’s workouts.

Try to steer clear of cheap, synthetic materials that promise to keep you sweat proof. More often than not, it’s a false promise. The reality is that they don’t let air pass through and will make you smell all sweaty.

A cotton or polyester blend will keep you dry and fresh until you hit the showers.

Breathable Shorts

Shorts can play a big role in how your body performs at the gym. They should never wear your body down or interfere with your performance.

Again, it comes down to the material you choose to wear. shorts that absorb sweat and allow for proper ventilation will be the best choice. Material that absorbs sweat will ensure you don’t slip during your workout. Do not buy shorts that are too tight. This will not give you much room in your groin and can cause injuries as you stretch.

Ideally, look for shorts that have mesh panelling on the inside to allow your skin to breath.

Performance Socks

Not many things are as embarrassing for a gym goer as stinky, smelly feet. They not only make you look bad, but they are a cause for concern for those around you who just want to workout in peace.

So, it’s important to wear the right socks. Choose ones that are made from a breathable fabric and don’t absorb a lot of sweat. Since treadmills are popular, the load on your socks has never been greater.

Also, make sure that your socks are not too tight. This can obstruct blood flow to your leg muscles and cause you to fatigue early.

Nike Metcon 6 Ireland

Nike Metcon 6

Training Shoes

A list of gym wear essentials would be incomplete without proper shoes. After all, they are the one part of your gym wardrobe you will be using the most.

Many times, people will take their shoes for granted and thus suffer from ankle injuries. And we don’t need to tell you how painful ankle injuries are and how long they take to recover.

Proper traction, support and cushion are a must when it comes to getting the right shoes for you.

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts work simply by raising your body temperature and therefore reducing the force on impact from your workout. In other words, they keep you injury-free while enhancing your performance.

All these fashion essentials mentioned will help to keep your energy levels elevated, prevent injuries to your body and contribute to your overall performance. That age-old saying, ‘Your health is your wealth’ has never been truer.

Every fashion essentials men should have in his gym bag

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