Highsnobiety & H&M Blank Staples

Highsnobiety & H&M collaborate for new menswear collection

Highsnobiety & H&M collaborate for new menswear collection

In Irish fashion news, fashion high street retailer H&M have just launched their new men’s fashion capsule with Highsnobiety.

The new collection titled “Blank Staples” is a partnership between the Swedish fashion house and the Germany-based English streetwear blog, media brand and production agency, Highsnobiety.

Their new capsule centres its attention on what H&M are calling “building blocks of the contemporary wardrobe” The new collection between the 2 companies include a streetwear line-up of men’s hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants and T-shirts.

The design for the Blank Staples” project was created in-house by H&M’s own men’s design department as part of a joint collaboration between themselves and Highsnobiety,

Highsnobiety was launched back in 2005 

The architecture behind the designs was to construct clothing with subtle but highly considered design aesthetics. Each item is completed with its own blank label.

Head of men’s design at H&M, Ross Lydon said in a media statement that H&M are very excited to start their new Blank Staples adventure which is all about creating something that is meaningful.

The project provides fashion essentials for the way men live their lives as well as being a blank canvas for other collaborations to come.

H&M which was set up in Sweden back in 1947, are today one of the largest multinational clothing-retail companies recognised for their fast-fashion for all the family.

H&M see Highsnobiety as the best partners for this project given their own expertise, knowledge and credibility within the streetwear marketplace.

H&M operates in over 74 counties worldwide

Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Highsnobiety, David Fischer confirmed that his organisation is excited to bring the “Blank Staples” to life with the Swedish retailer.

Fisher said: “This carefully considered collection is in tune with how men dress today, with an attitude that’s open to collaborative and creative possibilities.”

“The aim of the Blank Staples collection is to add a “new standard for essentials,” explained H&M and will feature pieces in a modern colour palette of tobacco, off white, brown and black.” Pieces from the new Blank Staples collection are available to buy online at H&M.


Highsnobiety & H&M collaborate for new menswear collection


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