Men's Autumn fashion 2020 Ireland

Fashion essentials for men this Autumn 2020

Fashion essentials for men this Autumn 2020

Lots of us are asking where did the summer go right? With COVID-19 hammering our overseas holiday plans it doesn’t really feel summer existed at all.

Now with the days getting shorter and nights getting longer, our holiday clothes are holiday clothes are away for another year.

So, this means it’s time to turn our attention to Autumn styling. Having the correct clothes to keep us warm and fashionable is one way to put a smile on our faces.

While women look for the latest dresses, most guys are looking for the essential fashion pieces to get us through the months ahead.

Here at Men’s Fashion Ireland, we take a look at key fashion pieces that all men need to have on hand for the coming seasons ahead.

The stylish rain jacket

Every guy should have one of these handy this Autumn to protect you from the guaranteed wind and rain.

Fine designs are important when choosing a rain jacket. It’s important that your choice of jacket is fully waterproof. Designs with pocket space and tapered seams are essential.

This season, neutrals are the “in colour” for men’s rain coats. Shades of grey, black and even earthly tones of brown are popular choices.

Because they are neutral, they will blend with most coloured jeans and work trousers. One good fashion tip to remember is make sure your jacket has a fitted look. You don’t want to look like a trainspotter’s anorak.

Smart looking boots

Yep, it’s time to look at your footwear once again. Keeping your feet protected from the elements is important at anytime, especially during the Autumn months.

When it comes to choosing that fine pair of boots there are a few thing to remember. It’s out with suede and over to leather. Suede absorbs moisture and it is hard to maintain any stylish look when wet. Chocolate brown is the “in choice” this Autumn.

However, black or earthly brown hues never really date. The good thing about these boots is they can pair easily with men’s chinos, jeans, even office trousers for those of you unlucky enough to have to travel to work.

Ensure that your boots have adequate grip on the soles. Some boot designs may look good but may not have sufficient grip to keep you on your feet.

Men's Faux Leather Jacket from Guess

Men’s Faux Leather Jacket from Guess

The Flannel Shirt effect

This is a defo for the season ahead. Once ousted by some fashion critics as the boring shirt of the 2000, it’s now back in fashion.

The obvious reason is that the flannel shirt can be worn over your favourite men’s tee. It’s perfect layering for those of you who want to discard your jacket when socialising with friends.

This season plain hues like greys deep red, army green and navy are going to be the on trend choice. They can be easily fused with a smart pair of fitted blue jeans or sandy shade chinos. While your flannel shirt doesn’t have to skin tight, it should maintain some type of fitted look.

Faux Leather Jacket

The great thing about the leather jacket look is it goes with almost any men’s casual fashion look.

You don’t have to look or dress like Fonzy from the 70’s TV hit show “Happy Days’ to look cool this Autumn. When the temperatures drop, a stylish leather jacket is all a guy needs.

Faux leather is a popular choice in men’s leather jacket wear this season. It’s a great sustainable fashion piece while ensuring you are doing your bit to protect animals.

A classic black biker jacket sets the gold standard. However, chestnut, is a great alternative that helps you maintain that cool but fresh look.

The beauty about the leather jacket look is that it can be worn over a tee with jeans. When the temperature drops, simply add a stylish hoodie and pair with your autumn boots. Keep your leather jacket casual and leave the men’s blazer or suit jacket for more dressier occasions.


Fashion essentials for men this Autumn 2020

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