Tommy Hilfiger Make It Possible sustainable fashion

Tommy Hilfiger Make It Possible sustainable fashion program

Tommy Hilfiger Make It Possible sustainable fashion program

In Sustainable Fashion News Ireland, Tommy Hilfiger is furthering their stride to becoming more fashion sustainable with their new ‘Make it Possible’ program.

This is initiative a new program that is powered American clothing giant Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation who owns other fashion brands that include Van Heusen, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

Their new approach is designed to help the company become inclusive towards sustainable fashion with a motto that “wastes nothing and welcomes all”.

The US fashion label that was Tommy Hilfiger back in 1985, aims to achieve 24 targets that will allow the brand to become a more circular and inclusive organisation by the year 2030.

The programme itself has 4 main pillars which are

  • Circle Round: This will create fully sustainable products
  • Everyone Welcome: This will make their items totally accessible to everyone
  • Made for Life: This will concentrate in areas such as climate change and areas affected by the production
  • Opportunity for All: To help create opportunities for all employees of Tommy Hilfiger organisation.

In a media statement released by company founder Tommy Hilfiger, he said “I opened my first store, People’s Place, in 1969 in my hometown of Elmira for people of all backgrounds to come together and share exciting pop culture experiences.

“As our brand has evolved over the years, driven by this inclusive spirit, so has our commitment to social and environmental sustainability. With Make it Possible, we will go even further with our commitment. We’re working towards our vision with the entire organisation focused on it and, while we’re not there yet, we are going to get there.”

As part of Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, Tommy Hilfiger has connected with fellow industry partners by signing the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Make Fashion Circular, Jeans Redesign initiatives and The Fashion Pact back in August 2019.

Hilfiger has also partnered up with the WWF in working towards becoming more fashion sustainable.


Tommy Hilfiger Make It Possible sustainable fashion program

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