Men's fashion statement looks for Autumn 2020

Men’s fashion statement looks for Autumn 2020

Men’s fashion statement looks for Autumn 2020

A fashion statement can turn you from middle of the road to a menswear expert. And we know that a fashion statement often leads to celebrities being mocked mercilessly online.

But fear not. here at Men’s Fashion Ireland we show you how to dress boldly and still look good doing so. Just keep reading to find out how.

White Trousers

Okay, so white trousers are the Marmite of the fashion world. You either love them or hate them. But, then styled right, they can look good on everyone.

Ensure your trousers are slim cut and not too long on the hem. If your ankles are as white as your trousers, slap on some tan. Otherwise, you risk looking like you are wearing sports socks.

Floral Shirt

If you find that your wardrobe is looking a little boring, brighten things up with a floral shirt. Make sure your shirt’s background is dark and go with micro prints or painted florals.

Style wise, opt for chinos or tailored trousers. You can wear your shirt open over a t-shirt or buttoned up. Just remember to tuck it in.

Men's Blue Super Skinny Cropped Trousers from

Men’s Blue Super Skinny Cropped Trousers from

Cropped Jeans

We have lost count the amount of 90s trends that have made a comeback. But there is nothing more nostalgic than a pair of cropped jeans.

While this denim style has a grunge feel to it, you may need to tone down your inner Kurt Cobain to wear it today. Cropped jeans should be cut in a relaxed fit and worn with something like desert boots. To dress them up, style them with an Oxford shirt and Derbies.

Pastel Blazer

Despite what you think, you can pull off a pastel blazer and not look like Gatsby. While it may seem like a daring choice, it can be versatile and easy to wear. Pastel blazers can come across as trying to hard, so keep the rest of your look simple. A t-shirt, a pair of jeans and smart shoes should do the trick.

Coloured Len Sunglasses

The return of 90s fashion trends is not just bringing back old school denim styles. Coloured lenses are also back in the game. And we are talking about something a little more stylish than those ski-goggle types of sunglasses that were everywhere.

Choosing the right lenses for you boils down to two things: where you are wearing them and your personal look. If you love minimalism, get yourself a pair of dark grey or deep blue lenses. And remember to always seek out a frame that suits your face shape.

Men’s fashion statement looks for Autumn 2020

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