What is the difference between a toner and an astringent Ireland

What is the difference between a toner and an astringent

What is the difference between a toner and an astringent

There are certain skincare staples that everyone has been using forever. Cleansers, body washes, and moisturisers usually come to mind. However, as the skincare market changes, there are a wide variety of products all claiming to do different things.

Enter toners and astringents. You have probably heard of these two. They may even be part of your skincare routine. But do you really know what they do? Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we will explain the difference.

What Do Toners And Astringents Do To Your Skin?

Toners and astringents are formulated very differently. The main factor is the ingredients. Toners often contain glycerin and some form of glycol, which draw water into your skin, improving hydration.

While there is still debate on whether you need to use a toner or not, they can prime the skin for moisturisers and serums. They can allow these products to penetrate deeper into your skin. And they can be used to remove any excess dirt or cleanser.

On the other hand, astringents are much more potent and usually alcohol based. They are designed to remove any excess oil from your skin and, as a result, be drying.

You cannot overdose on toner, but you definitely can on astringent.

Kiehl's - 'Blue Astringent' herbal lotion 500ml

Kiehl’s – ‘Blue Astringent’ herbal lotion 500ml


Toners usually cover most skin types and work for everyone. And because there is a wide range of toners available, you can find one that targets specific skin issues. There are ones for dark spots, ageing, oil control, dryness or even sensitivity.


Astringents are used mainly to treat oily or acne-prone skin types. And if you are thinking of using one, you should probably proceed with caution. Especially when it comes to potent formulas. Kiehl’s Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion contains witch hazel that will kill any pore-clogging bacteria. According to Kiehl’s, this astringent was created for those of you with acne-prone skin but it okay for oily skin types to use.

What is the difference between a toner and an astringent

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