Ways to save money when clothes shopping

Ways to save money when clothes shopping

Ways to save money when clothes shopping

Clothes can be a fun way to express ourselves. However, they can also be expensive.

When you are a teenager and on a tight budget, buying clothes may seem like something you want to do, but can’t. however, there are plenty of ways you can save your money when shopping for clothes. Here at Teenage Fashion Ireland we show you how to successfully update your wardrobe n a budget.

Buy The Basics

If you absolutely must spend your money, do it on basics. When it comes to basic t-shirts or tops, you don’t need to buy expensive brands. Cheaper options will usually do fine.

Off Season Is Your Friend

You may notice that fashion prices change with the seasons. Jumpers and knitwear are more expensive during autumn or winter. While in summer, you’ll be paying more for bikinis and swimwear.

End of season sales are a great way to save money on items for another season. Stick to pieces you know will last. Knitwear will never go out of style during winter and shorts and vest tops will always be in for summer.

If you want to, you can always buy a few trendy pieces during the sales but focus on the basics.

Jersey shacket from H&M Ireland

Jersey shacket from H&M Ireland

Go Easy On Trends

We would all love to have a wardrobe full of trendy looking clothes. An impossible task giving how frequently fashion changes and trends come and go. That’s why it’s a good idea to go easy on the trends. Instead, focus on buying items you know will look good in years to come.

If there is a trending piece you simply must have, ask yourself this. Will you still buy it even if it wasn’t trending right now? If the answer if yes, then buy it.

Do A Swap Shop

Do you have friends that are a little low on funds? Why not ditch the usual coffee meet up with your friends and organise a swap shop instead? All you need to do is have everyone bring their unwanted clothes and get swapping.

Even if they are different sizes, don’t worry. You may find that some styles look better when you go up or down a size.

Buy Second Hand

You can be surprised by how many bargains are out there when it comes to second-hand shopping. Check out local shops. You’ll often find barely worn pieces that still have life left in them. And, if you are really lucky, you’ll find some pieces that are never worn.

The internet can also be a great place to find some pre-loved clothes. Selling groups on social media have lot of clothes for great prices. And you can even sell your own second-hand clothes.

Ways to save money when clothes shopping

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