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Simple ways to freshen up your tired eyes

Simple ways to freshen up your tired eyes

Let’s face it, tired eyes is a look most of us can’t escape given our daily busy life routines. We are all bound to feel fatigued now and then which has a knock on affect to the way we look.

Droopy eyelids bags under the eyes are the effects of the way we live and can tarnish the beautiful facial look we all want to create. However, there are simple ways that can help us combat these problems.

In Irish makeup and beauty news, we show you simple ways to address this problem. All are home remedies you can try at home. These simple applications can help reduce dark circles and rejuvenate tired looking eyes.

The humble spud

Yep this is one everyone can try at home. All you need are 2 single slices of potato. Chop your spud into 2 pieces and leave them in the fridge for approximately 10 minutes.

Lie back in a comfortable position on a bed or chair an apply each slice to your eye area. Let them sit for between 20-25 minutes and then remove. Wash off any residue using lukewarm water and dry carefully. Repeat this process every 2-3 days and watch the results.

The milky option

For those of you who suffer from puffy eyes, milk can be another option to help reduce billowing bags from under your eyes. All you need for this one is a small glass of cold milk and some clean cotton pads. Apply to pads dipped in the milk over the lids for around 25-30 minutes. This helps cool the surface around the eyes. Repeat process every 2-3 days. Watch the difference.

Solgar Liquid Vitamin E from evergreen.ie

Solgar Liquid Vitamin E from evergreen.ie

Vitamin E

Another great remedy you can try at home. Take a cold glass of water and add a few drops of vitamin E oil. Stir and apply using clean cotton pads. Let them sit on your eyes for between 20-25 minutes. This application helps to reduce swelling to the eye area. Repeat this process every 2-3 days for the perfect rejuvenated look.

Simple ways to freshen up your tired eyes

The cucumber affect

The humble cucumber is a magic fruit that contains so many natural ingredients to help those tired eyes. Take two slices of organic cucumber and apply them to your lids while in a reclined position. The content of the cucumber act as an anti-inflammatory which will reduce puffy tissues. Let them sit for 30 minutes and repeat the process daily.

Cold green teabags

If you suffer from droopy eye lids try this as an option. Dampen two used teabags and apply to each eye in a reclined position. Let them sit for 30 minutes to absorb the affected areas. Wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat process every day until your eyes look rejuvenated.

The eggy effect

Yes the magic of the old reliable egg can help return tired eyes to their natural state. Blend 2 egg whites in a glass and apply under the eyes using a clean soft makeup brush. Let them absorb the skin for 30 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. This helps tighten the affected skin under your eyes.

Eye hydration

This is something that everyone should be doing regardless of the state of our eye area. Water is the key to life and staying hydrated not only helps improve our skin but also reduces puffiness to the eye area. We all should be drinking a minimum of 4 pints of water to day to help our body stay hydrated. This will also stop any droopiness above and below the eye area.


Simple ways to freshen up your tired eyes

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