Stylish ways to wear ladies slingback heels

Stylish ways to wear ladies slingback heels

Stylish ways to wear ladies slingback heels

There is something so sexy and stylish about slingback heels that every true fashionista adores. This is probably why they are experiencing a revival in recent years to one of the most popular choice in ladies footwear of today.

Perfect for almost any occasion, the slingback heel is competing with kitten heels in the popularity stakes as the number one dress me up shoe.

Comfort and style are the 2 key things to master when choosing any pair of slingback heels. First and foremost, the fit has to be right.

There is nothing worse than those heels that cot the ankle or slip off when you least expect it. This is why it is so important to get your foot fitted correctly when choosing your slingbacks. They are such a stylish shoe that you want to be able to wear and enjoy them in comfort.

High heels were first made popular back in the 17th century 

Next up is styling your favourite slingback heels. Thankfully, they come in so many different wonderful shades and designs that most of us ladies are spoilt for choice.

What is important to remember is their practicability. Can they be worn with items in your current closet line-up? What shades suit your own skintone?

Most importantly the question is, will I love them and wear them? They may seem like obvious questions, but they must be considered when buying any pair of slingback heels.

We have put together some quick and easy ways to consider styling your slingbacks for different occasions. This will help you with ideas on how to create your fashion assemble around your beautiful piece of ladies footwear.

The laid back slingback look

This is where you need to grasp the idea of wearing your slingback in a relaxed yet chic way. You want your look to seem tailored but relaxed enough to not look too overdressed.

This is where a smart pair or ladies straight leg jeans and blouse come into play. Even a stylish pair of skinny jeans will do. Ensure to contrast your shades to balance your assemble.

Now for the killer blow, add a tailored ladies blazer to the finish. This look is so chic yet casual enough to any day or night occasion. Apply your neutral shaded slingbacks with blocked heel. Perfect!

PAUL GREEN Peeptoe Slingback Sandals from

PAUL GREEN Peeptoe Slingback Sandals from

The working girl slingback heel approach

Yep, slingback are the perfect fit for any office assemble. Their glamorous look can allows them to fuse effortlessly with a tailored pencil skirt suit for formal occasions.

In that more relaxed environment, slingbacks are perfect when dressed with a stylish midi, sheath or jersey dress. Because you need to keep your look somewhat formal, tone down the colours of your outerwear.

Brighten this up with a colourful blouse or shirt and neutral slingbacks. Contrast your shades accordingly.

The holiday slingback look

If you have a holiday or short break planned, slingbacks are a must for your travel case. Whether it’s a sun holiday or short city break, these babies should be with you for the journey.

A closed toe pair of strappy slingbacks are the order of the day or night. Opt for neutrals that can pair with most of the other items in your case. Oh, don’t forget t accessories ladies.

Great natural finishing

Neutrals designs go with almost anything in your closet. As a non-colour, pairing your favourite pair of ladies jeans or trousers with slingbacks is made easy.

However, what about when your fashion mood changes and it’s time for something as little less formal but casual enough to enjoy out of the home. This is where the likes of print or leopard print slingers come into play.

Slingbacks are easily paired with neutral ladies leggings or jeans. This can help spice up your finished look. Avoid any type of prints between the heel and the waist to avoid colour clashing. However, matching tones for your top and shoe offer a perfect balance to your overall assemble.


Stylish ways to wear ladies slingback heels

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