How to inject shades of teal into your fashion look

How to inject shades of teal into your fashion look

How to inject shades of teal into your fashion look

As we head towards to tail end of summer, there are some super shades that can easily transfer across to perfect autumn fashion wear.

With florals and bright prints coming towards the end of another summer, now is the time to think about great tones for the months ahead. Yes, we are talking colours that can be enjoyed throughout August and September that still have that summer feel.

Enter the great shades of teal. This colour beauty comes in so many hues that it can be injected into any gals wardrobe look in an instant.

The beauty about teal is it can be paired with items already in your closet given its ability to fuse effortlessly with shades of navy, reds and black.

As an off spin of green, teal is super fab for pairing with girl’s denim jeans, or burgundy trousers. It’s beautiful selection of tones can also be fused into great print dress designs when mixed with shades of blue and whites.

For many young women, they prefer to opt for more safer hues to take them from summer to autumn. However, in Irish teenage fashion news, we hope to convince you that teal when styled correctly can make your look stand out for the months ahead.

We have put together 3 very simple ways to convert your fashion look over to teal styling for the season ahead. Each look is very different but are safe enough for any young fashionista to try without being reckless.

Wrap Twist Teal Front Woven Blouse from Boohoo

Wrap Twist Teal Front Woven Blouse from Boohoo

Start with light shades of teal

This is a great shade to start off with when incorporating teal into your summer come autumn fashion look. Its light hues are classy and still summery enough to get you through the last weeks of summer.

For casual wear, fuse a light teal tee with pair of cropped jeans for an elegant daytime finish. Complete the look with white sneakers. Moving into something more formal, add blue jeans and with a navy, white and teal floral print blouse or shirt. It’s super feminine when worn with a pair of tan suede ankle boots.

Move in deep with dark teal

This shade is the perfect transition shade that is an all-year round super shade. It’s darker hues allows for them to be paired with darker hues and still look fab.

For casual daytime dress, a deep teal tee or crop top can be matched easily with deep blue jeans or leggings. Another option is to add layering to your jeans look with a deep teal hoodie.

For something a bit more dressy up, switch over with a fitted blouse or shirt. Fuse with a dark deep navy shade of skinny jeans. This is where you can make things interesting with your finish.

Add a pair of animal print pair of flats with charcoal grey round neck scarf. It’s different to the norm but very flattering and sets you apart from other shades that your friends will be wearing. In fact it’s more classy!

Spruce teal adds a touch more colour

Like the leaves of a spruce tree, this teal colour allows you to inject more warmer tones when compiling your teal fashion look. For that more casual day when you still want to look smart but relaxed, jeans and teal spruce teal are a super fab combo.

Cropped, leggings or skinny dark denim jeans and a spruce shirt or tee collaborate well together. Simply add white sneakers to complete the look. For that something more dress me up occasion, enter, burgundy and white.

A fitted pair of burgundy or white chinos with a soft white tee or cami fuse elegantly. Add an oversized spruce toned shirt and off white sneakers or flats.

How to inject shades of teal into your fashion look

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