David BeckhamBold Instinct fragrance

David Beckham set to launch new scent

David Beckham set to launch new scent

In Irish fashion news, ex-Manchester United star David Beckham is set to unveil his new fragrance this coming September.

The 45-year-old footballer who is married to Fashion designer, Victoria Beckham will unveil his new scent “Bold Instinct” on the 9th September.

It’s been 15 year’s since the model and business entrepreneur first debuted his own fragrance which encourages fellow males to trust their intuition.

In a promotional video for the campaign, Beckham can be heard saying: “When I’m making the decision, I base it on intuition. And mostly it’s been about football and what’s best for my family “.

“Not everyone really backed my choices. I just tried to make the decisions that were right for me. Doing right by yourself was everything I was brought up to be. For me there is no right or wrong. There is only right by you.”

David’s new fragrance, which will drop on the 9th September is part of a collaboration between French perfumer Jean-Christophe Herault.

The scent itself features hints of pineapple and laurel leaves fused with nutmeg, cinnamon and patchouli. Albino fashion model Leo Jonah, also features in the promotional video where he can be seen talking about his own career.

The 24-year old British model explains that when he made the decision to explore modelling, no-one in the industry looked like him, His ambition was to be a role model for the next generation

As a child growing up with albinism, Leo and his siblings, both of whom were born with the same condition, were bullied for their appearances.

Leo has since gone on to appear in various photos shoots for UK fashion magazine Vogue.

David Beckham’s new Bold Instinct fragrance comes in a sleek and slightly opaque bottle which is lined with black lacquer and enhanced with an elegant magnetic cap.

Fans of Beckham will be available to buy his new “Bold Instinct” fragrance at selected beauty retailers from the 9th September 2020.


David Beckham set to launch new scent

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