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Ways to style difficult colours into men’s fashion looks

Ways to style difficult colours into men’s fashion looks

While we are big believers that anyone can wear anything they like, some colours are harder to wear than others.

And that’s why most men tend to be conservative when it comes to colour. We all know neutral shades are relatively easy to pull off. However, if you want to stand out from the pack, here at Men’s Fashion Ireland we show you to embrace bolder hues.


Still think pink is a colour for girls? Well you shouldn’t. Until the end of the 19th century, pink was considered a masculine shade. It gradually became known as a ‘girly’ colour in the early 20th century by fashion marketers.

Whether dusty, soft, bright or bold, anyone can wear pink. And it pairs well with many colours probably already in your wardrobe. These include brown, beige, blue, white and darker shades of green.

An Oxford shirt is arguably one of the easiest ways to incorporate pink into your wardrobe. It teams well with everything from denim to suits. Pinks shorts are a great addition to your summer style, while pink socks can add a pop of colour.


As far as things go, green is the easiest colour on this list to pull off. All you need to consider is your skin tone. Those with pale skin should stick to deep colours like bottle green. While olive skin tones should steer clear of anything too close to their skin tone, like olive green. Darker skin tones can wear just about any shade.

Once you figure out the colour, pick out pieces that will serve your wardrobe well. Think outerwear, chinos or cargo pants.

Men's Slim Fit Chinos from Benetton

Men’s Slim Fit Chinos from Benetton


The 70s have seen a resurgence in the fashion world and that includes the colour brown. While it may not look appealing on the colour wheel, the perfect colour to match brown will always be blue. This pairing gives the blue depth and the brown appears richer.

Brown is already likely to be in your wardrobe, from your accessories like a belt to your boots. But why not add a chocolate brown leather jacket? Or corduroy trousers?


Wearing orange can conjure up images of Halloween, but it doesn’t have to be a horror show. This traditionally bright shade has taken on a burnt appearance in recent years, making it easier to wear.

Summer may the prime time to wear this shade but who’s to say you cannot rock orange in the autumn and winter months.

Ease into the orange trend by adding a touch of colour to a navy or grey suit with a tie or pocket square. And fortunately there is a range of different orange hues to suit your skin tone. Rust shades work best with pale skin types while darker tones can rock blood orange or bright colours. Just be sure to keep to neutral colours like navy, grey or black when wearing orange.

Ways to style difficult colours into men’s fashion looks

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