Simple ways to style high waisted jeans this Autumn

Simple ways to style high waisted jeans this Autumn

Simple ways to style high waisted jeans this Autumn

Fashion, trends come and go but denim is that true fashion staple that will stand the test of time. From summery denim shorts or skirts, to stylish autumn winter jeans, their look will always remain classic.

High waisted jeans are always a beautiful and reliable all year-round choice of denim jeans wear for any stylish lady. In Teenage Fashion Ireland, we show you quick and easy ways to style your high waisted jeans for the months ahead.

The high waisted moms jeans look

This every day style of jeans is stylish and suitable for 365 days a year. Their universal design makes a flattering choice of ladies jeans that can be worn in dark or light shades of denim.

For daytime mom jeans allows for this style to paired with loose fit tees during the summer for extra comfort. In the evening a nice shirt or blouse is the only option.

Word of caution though, always make sure your above the waist clothing is tucked in to the jeans at the waist for the best finish. Mom jeans look classy with extra layering so add a fitted ladies blazer for those more dress me up occasions.

The high waisted boyfriend jeans finish

This style of jeans should be in every women’s wardrobe. Their relaxed look has a slouchy feel with their designs most available in slim or tapered fits.

Their super versatility means they can be styled with almost any top in your wardrobe. From cool hoodies for those relaxed fashion days, to smart printed blouses for something more smart, they are perfect.

The high waisted skinny jeans appeal

This classic style of ladies jeans is a must. Your high waisted skinny jeans contains a classic universal streamlined silhouette. This makes them fab for dress me up or down occasions.

Paired your skinnies with a white or colourful tee for summer. Add a shirt and crop jacket or blazer for more dress like occasions, they are a great choice.

High Rise Sculpt Jeans from Zara

High Rise Sculpt Jeans from Zara

The high waist flare jeans look

The great thing about flare jeans is they go with almost every body type. Suitable for smart casual office attire to lazy or semi casual fashion days, they are fab.

They fuse effortlessly with any kind of ladies top. Their 60’s style offers more room to the legs and things. This style jean is built for accessorising with dangling earrings and stylish clutch bag. Add that short waisted suede or leather jacket and wow.

The straight leg jeans finish

This style of jeans has become a fashion favourite with women of all ages in the past season. Their mega flattering style fuses effortlessly with almost any above the waist fashion in your closet. For styling ladies sweaters or cardigans to ankle boots and blazers, straight leg jeans are a classic choice.

The high waist bell bottom jeans

Yes, the bell bottom jeans is making a resurge in the world of ladies jeans fashion. This 70’s style is adorable for young and old fashionistas. Why not fall in love with this stylish and classic style jean look.

They look great with off the shoulder tops and heels for that great vintage summer look. Add round lensed ladies sunglasses and headscarf and ohh very Sunny and Cher.

The must have high waisted ripped Jeans

Whatever your fashion preference, ripped jeans are a fashion essential for any gals wardrobe this season. Not just reserved for young fashionistas, the high waist ripped jeans finish is age limitless.

Pair with white sneakers and tee for relaxed days off. Switch up your look fusing with a fitted shirt and blazer and ankle boots or kitten heels.


Simple ways to style high waisted jeans this Autumn

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