Healthy foods that are good for your skin Ireland

Healthy foods that are good for your skin

Healthy foods that are good for your skin

Did you know that skin is the body’s largest living organ? It’s layers work extremely hard to protect our inner and outer body. This is why it is important to look after our skin and treat with kindness and love 24/7.

There are lots of ways we can be kind to our skin to ensure it maintains a healthy glow and keeps us looking good. Getting adequate sleep and reducing stress in our lives can make for healthy looking skin. However, today we are going to concentrate on what foods we put into our bodies that can improve our skin.

Skin regulates the temperature of our body and controls the balance of fluid and loss of moisture. It also acts as a barrier which alerts us to any danger like pain or anything that can damage our skin surface like sunburn.

Here at Irish makeup and beauty news Ireland, we check out ways to protect the skin by putting the correct foods and fluids into your body on a regular basis.

Finding a healthy diet that is right for you

We all like different foods and while some foods may seem nice to some, they may taste awful to others. The dietary world is big business with lots of companies telling you they have the solution to making your body and skin look better.

While they can provide you with anti-ageing products, natural foods found in your own cupboard can work equally as well in improving your skin look.

As the saying goes, we are what we eat and a healthy diet can not only replenish your skin look but keep your body in shape too!

Foods that lead to healthy skin

Mangoes : Full of antioxidants, this tasty stone fruit contains compounds like collagen which helps protect the skin

Tomatoes: This red beauty is considered by some both a vegetable and fruit. It contains anti-cancer compounds that help protect our skin from harmful UV Rays.

Olive oil: Natural olive oil is great for our skin. It can help to elevate wrinkles and discolouration and reduce the risk of facial photoaging.

Green tea: Compounds found in green tea called polyphenols, help in refreshing skin cells. It is good for addressing issues like dry scalp and dandruff caused by overproduction of skin cells

White tea: This contains anti-cancer and anti-aging properties. Some studies have shown that its ingredients might protect the skin from oxidative stress and immune cell damage.

Kale and broccoli: These are some of the best sources of green vegetables which contain lutein and zeaxanthin. Both lutein and zeaxanthin help protect our skin from damaging UV rays.

Omega-3: Say no more and Omega 3 is something we should all take on a daily basis. Commonly found in the likes of oily fish, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, it can prevent dryness and scaling to the skin.

Science Powered Serum & Magic Cream Kit from Charlotte Tilbury

Science Powered Serum & Magic Cream Kit from Charlotte Tilbury

Soy: For areas around the eyes like crow’s feet, soy can help prevent wrinkles that appear at the outer corner of the eyes especially during the menopause.

Cocoa flavanols: This is found in dark chocolate. It can help boost the structure and functionality of the skin in reducing roughness and scaling. Cocoa flavanols will also help with skin hydration and improve your skin defences against harmful UV rays.

Important note

It is strongly advised that you should never rely on any type of food to keep your skin protected from the sun. Always wear the appropriate factor of sunscreen to keep your skin safe.

Reduce your calorie intake

By reducing the amount of your daily calorie intake can also lead to better looking skin. Research has shown that cutting down on foods that are high in calories can reduce the ageing process.

By reducing your calorie intake by 40% can impact on ageing in your skin cells. Cutting calories can aid ribosomes (your cell’s protein makers) slows down the ageing process. This also helps the cells to repair themselves. This helps to improve the overall health of your body.

Allantoin which is found in anti-aging face creams, can also mirror the effect of calorie restriction diets. Finally and the most important of the all is our daily water intake.

Water as we know if the key to life. It helps to keep our bodies hydrated which can lead to better skin. It is recommended that all of us should be drinking at least 5 pints of water a day.


Healthy foods that are good for your skin

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