Influence of Covid-19 on Global Fashion Revolution Ireland

Influence of Covid-19 on Global Fashion Revolution

Influence of Covid-19 on Global Fashion Revolution

The Fashion Revolution got initiated in the year 2013 on a global scale. It was an incident from Bangladesh that lead to its foundation. A building was collapsed taking the lives of 1100 people and another injured was more than 2000. In the aftermath of the event it was found that this tragedy was preventable.

The event opened the eyes of many. People started asking for a transparent fashion exchange industry.

Later, in 2015, Rosie O’Reilly, Erin McCLure & Kate Nolan started Fashion Revolution Ireland under Re-dress organisation. The framed organisation lead plenty of campaigns, events, and educational programmes, workshops in association with WWGS and whatnot.

These initiatives were taken to spread awareness, and thankfully they achieved their goals. This enforced Ireland’s leading creatives to tell the real stories of the clothes they sell and much more details about the Irish Fashion world.

Over the last five years, Fashion Revolution has established its firm base in Ireland. Its growth has a strong involvement of hundreds of volunteers across the country. In the year 2020,

Fashion revolution week 2020 is scheduled for the week of 20 – 26th of April. At the same time, COVID-19 pandemic had already reached its peak. People were understanding a thick line difference between their necessities and their lavish fashion choices.

The choices that were not only affecting our people but also our environment due to their manufacturing procedures.

Hundreds of people, who were local makers, shakers, influencers, designers, teachers, students, artists, conscious fashion lovers, joined us in the events.

It would be absolutely correct to say COVID-19 accelerated the intensions of the Fashion Revolution. People are getting more cautious about clothing choices.

Fashion Revolution everyone who want to do something they can to spread awareness. If you also organise events, you can reach out to them, they can help you spread the word about it to make your event even more successful. Do email them at


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Influence of Covid-19 on Global Fashion Revolution

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