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Ways to look stylish with minimal effort

Ways to look stylish with minimal effort

There are just some mornings when you cannot be bothered putting a lot of effort into your look. It can be difficult to brush your teeth, let alone put an outfit together. And that’s okay. It happens to everyone.

When it happens, there are a few tricks you can do to fake looking stylish with minimal effort. Here at Ladies Fashion Ireland, we will take a quick look how you do it.

Red Lip And Sunglasses

Okay, so this tip sounds conventional and you’ve seen it done a million times. But there is a reason for that. Nothing works better than a red lip and a pair of sunglasses.

It will make any outfit look put together instantly and the red lips will brighten your face even with no other makeup on.

Gold Earrings

A pair of gold earrings are an iconic accessory for a reason. They can completely take your outfit from sloppy to stylish in seconds. Statement earrings are trending right now so do yourself a favour and get yourself a pair.

They will go with any outfit your put together and you won’t be able to take them off.

Boyfriend Jeans And Heels

This combination is about to become one of your favourite fashion tricks. Boyfriend jeans and heels both compliment each other. One tones down your look while the other dresses it up.

Blue Waist Enhance Tori Mom Jeans from New Look

Blue Waist Enhance Tori Mom Jeans from New Look

Boyfriend jeans are not sweats, but they are still super comfy. Meaning they are perfect for those lazy days. So when paired with some classic heels and a basic top, you can easily wear them on your night out and still look good.

Button Down Shirts

Nothing says classy more than a crisp white button-down shirt. You can wear them all year round, even during hot summer days. They are perfect for those ‘I threw this look together in two minutes’ outfits. And they are incredibly versatile. You can wear one over a bikini for those baggy beach days. Or with some black trousers for the perfect work outfit.

Sleek Hair

This is perfect for those of you with oily hair or just want it out of your face. For major fashion editorial vibes, tie your hair back in a low sleek ponytail or bun and slap on some statement earrings. For a real supermodel look, throw on some black sunglasses and you’re done.

The Right Bag

You’ve taking time and effort to put together a killer look. So why would you ruin it by pairing it with the wrong handbag? Accessories can make or break your look so it’s important you get it right.

If you want to wear something super casual, stick to a casual bag like a tote bag. Or if you want to wear something glam, like a little black dress, it’s time to fish out your clutch purse from the back of your wardrobe.


Ways to look stylish with minimal effort

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