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Reasons why you should avoid wearing flip flops

Reasons why you should avoid wearing flip flops

There is no feeling like slipping on a pair of flip flops and heading to the beach. And, as were confined to stay indoors for weeks, we are missing that summer beach feeling more than ever.

You may be inclined to wear your flip flops. They are easy to slip on and head out the door, and they are convenient. But, before they become your footwear of choice, we at Teenage Fashion Ireland tell you why you should avoid wearing them every day.

You Could Sprain Your Ankle

The rubber flip flops you pick up to take to the beach are fine, so long as you don’t wear them all day long. They have no arch support. This means your feet will start to turn towards the middle of your body instead of staying straight.

When this happens, you are more likely to sprain your ankle. You won’t trip over anything but, due to the lack of arch support, you can twist your ankle out.

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Your Foot Could Become Inflamed

Even if you are extra careful and take precautions not to twist your feet, the lack of arch support can hurt. Without the right support, the planter – the band of tissue in the arch of your foot – will begin to pull. This can inflame the tissue, making your arch red and swollen.

Objects Can Poke Through

Flip flops are great for the beach but they do not offer much protection. When hitting the boardwalk, make sure to change into shoes that are more supportive. Between your feet twisting in flip flops, you could be more prone to getting splinters.

Not only that, but it doesn’t take long for the soles of the flip flops to wear away. Once you heel and toe start to depress, it’s easy for nails and other sharp objects to poke through the sole.

They Do Not Protect Your Feet

Not only will the rubber sole wear sown, but the thong in the middle can pop out easily. If you are walking quickly and this happens, you will be left with no shoes – provided you didn’t bring a spare.

Without a second pair of shoes – which any flip flop wearer should have – to change into, your feet will be left unprotected and vulnerable to sharp objects and bacteria.

You Will Change Your Stride

When we walk, our bodies are trained to use the heel-toe stride in normal shoes. When you switch that up when wearing flip flops, you will naturally take smaller strides to keep you stable and help you balance. In other words, you will take very halted and pressured steps that can put pressure on your feet.


Reasons why you should avoid wearing flip flops

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