How to apply colour corrector

Beauty tips on how to use a colour corrector the right way

Beauty tips on how to use a colour corrector the right way

From hiding the fact you had a late night to minimising blemishes, concealers should be your cosmetic secret weapon.

While a regular concealer does wonders on its own, somethings your skin needs something more. And that’s where colour correctors come in handy.

Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we show you everything you need to know about these must-have makeup products.

What Is A Colour Corrector?

Colour correctors are designed to neutralise skin discolouration and imperfections. These include redness, sallowness and general discolouration. While some issues can be covered with concealer and foundation, some need extra help.

How Do You Apply It?

The main rule to keep in mind when it comes to makeup is that less is more. It is always easier to apply more product if needed than to remove it from your face and start again. Apply your colour corrector to your problem area, then press your foundation over top. It’s important to press and not swipe to ensure the product stays in place.

Which one Is right for me?

Choosing the right corrector for you depends on two things – colour and consistency. If you have extreme discolouration, you may need a thick formula. To even out any mild discolouration, you may get away with a lightweight formula.

When it comes to colour, have a look at the colour wheel. Complimentary colours, or ones opposite each other, cancel each other out.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting™ Super Concealer Camouflage + 24-Hour Wear from

Clinique Beyond Perfecting™ Super Concealer Camouflage + 24-Hour Wear from


The colour green will help you cover any acne or red spots. If you struggle with red cheeks, apply some green concealer and blend out.


Yellow will correct pink and very subtle red tones. You can use a yellow corrector to cancel any broken capillaries. It’s also a great colour for cancelling any redness around your nose or mouth.

For the best result, apply a small amount and blend, blend, blend.


Pink hues will counteract yellow or mild green colours in your skin. A pink concealer can brighten up olive or sallow looking skin. Very light shades of pink can work well as highlighting.


Orange and red correctors will cancel out any blue tones. Think dark circles and dark spots that come with ageing or sun damage. A peach colour will help to cover less pigmented blue blemishes. Lighter tones can use peach to cover their hyperpigmentation. While deep skin tones work best with orange or red shades.


These two will help you cancel out any yellow tones in your skin. They will correct dark spots and neutralise overly orange – think self-tanner – skin. If you have yellow spots that need concealing, use a purple corrector. And you can always mix in a tiny amount of corrector into your primer and apply to your whole face. Then just go over with foundation and you are done.


Beauty tips on how to use a colour corrector the right way

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