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How to pick that printed dress that flatters your body shape

How to pick that printed dress that flatters your body shape

Who doesn’t love a printed dress? They are easy to wear, to style and pair well with anything. You can wear them all year round and they are not limited by colour or print.

And they are set to take over fashion this season. But if you are worried about finding one that goes with your body shape, don’t be. here at Ladies Fashion Ireland, we’ve got you covered.


If you have an hourglass body shape, count yourself lucky. Just about everything works with your figure and it’s hard to go wrong with any kind of printed dress. A printed dress will balance out your body and bring harmony to your shape. And both long and short dresses work well.


Printed dresses give a visual illusion to your shape, making you look curvier. Because of this, printed dresses go well with people with rectangular body shapes. However, it’s important you choose the correct pattern. Too much pattern is not a good look. Instead, go for dresses with fewer prints. Also, stick to short dresses as they complement your shape more than long ones.

Printed Shirred Maxi Dress from

Printed Shirred Maxi Dress from


The pear shape is one of the most common in the world. People with this body shape usually want to balance out the top and bottom half of their bodies. For this reason, choose a dress with a bigger pattern on top and small one on the bottom.

Because the pear shape has a bigger bottom half, this will balance out your body. Long dresses are the best for your body shape.

Inverted Triangle

Because an inverted triangle shaped body tends to have broad shoulders, look for dresses with more pattern on the bottom. Wearing too much print on top will increase volume and draw attention to your chest and shoulders.

If you like to wear a dress that has a pattern all over, finish the look with a plain jacket. This will break up your dress and balance it out. Mid-length dresses work best for your body shape.


Tiny prints will match your body the most. If you have an apply body shape, you want to keep away from anything that accentuates the roundness of your body. And this is why you want to choose a dress with a small print or detail.  And tall or below the knee dresses work best with this body shape.

How to pick that printed dress that flatters your body shape

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