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Fashion rules when choosing men’s hoodies

Fashion rules when choosing men’s hoodies

With Autumn on the horizon, most men are looking to add extra layering to their fashion line up. As the temperature cool, staying warm and comfy becomes a priority for all fellas. Staying fashionable is also important and finding a reliable piece of clothing that offers all of the above is key to making any man look good in the coming months.

Enter the old reliable hoodie. For decades now the men’s hoodie has been a reliable fashion staple for guys looking to stay on trend in comfort.

This versatile above the waist piece of clothing can be styled in so many different ways for various occasions. Getting the right hoodie to suit you is vital in ensuring you look good and on-trend for the seasons ahead.

From leisure wear to smart casual, the correct hoodie can be dressed up or down depending on its need. However, there are a few things to bear in mind when choosing the perfect hoodie for you. In men’s fashion Ireland, we check out things all men should consider before purchasing that all year-round piece of stylish layering to suit your own look.

What determines a good choice of hoodie?

There are certain things that actually determine what makes a good hoodie. As well as it’s practicality, the quality of material and design all play a major factor in determining a good hoodie from a bad one. It must look good and hold it’s shape after washing. The choice of colour must be versatile enough to pair with at least 50% of your current wardrobe line-up.

Ways to wear your hoodie

The hoodie comes in many different designs mostly being the zip up hoodie or pullover. The key factor that separate it from a sweater is it’s hood design.

The zip up hoodie is more like a jacket that can be worn open depending on the weather and climate. It’s versatile design allows to reveal clothing worn underneath while still providing adequate layering to the body.

Prolific grey stripe slim fit hoodie from River Island

Prolific grey stripe slim fit hoodie from River Island

It’s perfect for pairing with a classic polo shirt and jeans. The key thing to remember when choosing a zipper style hoodie is to go for neutral colours. This allows you to pair this with like men’s jeans, trousers and chinos while maintaining colour contrasting to your over choice of wear.

The pull over hoodie is seen as more street or athleisurewear. It’s bulky design is less fitted that the zipper style hoodie. It’s the perfect insulator as it traps more heat inside keeping your warmer.

This style hoodie is best suited when paired with your trackie or sweat bottoms or jeans. It provides for a more stay at home or sport look opposed to the zip up hoodie so don’t confuse the two looks that they provide.

The perfect fit hoodie

As a simple fashion rule, all hoodies should provide for a fitted finish. The shoulder areas should drape the main body effortlessly maintain some type of framed shape. However, for younger “hip style” guys, baggier styles are the more preferred option.

When we say, young, we mean this style is not really accepted for guys under 30. A good hoodie should also provide for one piece of layering to be worn underneath. While you want your hoodie to have a fitted look, it shouldn’t be skin tight.

Getting the right material is important

Hoodies come in so many amazing fabrics today it’s all about getting the right choice for you. Cotton is the most popular and best to be honest. It is most athlete’s preferred choice. Cotton absorbs sweat and is breathable too! Jersey cotton is super comfy which is perfect wear all year round.

A good hoodie design is one that is knitted together at the seams. Cheaper options are just cut and sewn together. For those of you looking for a more chic type of hoodie, cashmere blend is the top end of refinement in hoodie design. It’s breathable plus can be worn as a more dress up above the waist piece.

Important things to remember when styling you hoodie

There are a few simple rules to remember when choosing and styling your hoodie.

  • Always be conscious of the occasion for which your hoodie is best suited. If you are looking for a more casual hoodie for streetwear then opt for a relaxed cotton jersey fit. When looking for a more polished look, opt for a cashmere blend. It is smarter and provides for a better finished look.
  • For those of you men looking to use your hoodie as a type of more formal wear, opt for a zipper front. It can act as a jacket but needs to be super fitted. Look for neutral colours to avoid any colour clashing with the rest of your uniformed look.
  • Pull over hoodies can be easily paired with parka jackets or leather jackets as great insulation during the winter months. Ensure that your get the colour tones right as not to collide with your choice of outerwear.
  • Remember that a hoodie was originally designed as casual to smart wear and should always be treated this way. You should never confuse it as any type of real formal wear. While it can be treated as a semi-formal piece (zip up only) never see it as an alternative to a man’s blazer.
  • Colour is key when choosing any type of clothing especially above the waistline. For smart casual fashion looks, keep your hoodie design plain and opt for neutral colouring. You will find this pairs best with most casual pieces in your wardrobe. For younger men who want real street wear, Loose fitting hoodies with bold logos offer a great relaxed casual finish.

Fashion rules when choosing men’s hoodies

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