How to stay cool wearing black this summer Ireland

How to stay cool wearing black this summer

How to stay cool wearing black this summer

Summer is a great way to show off different personal fashion looks and styles. It is also a great time to experiment with lots of different wonderful colours and patterns. However, we should never ignore the chicness of black and what it can add to our look during warmer months.

Some of us are put off by black when the sun shines because of its dull appearance. Others feels trapped in the sun soaking hue that leads to a build-up of heat to the body.

However, don’t dismiss black altogether as a great summer shade. It is a sliming colour that when styled correctly makes it the perfect all-year round shade for us all.

Black Organza Skater Shirt Dress from Missguided Ireland

Black Organza Skater Shirt Dress from Missguided

The key to wearing anything dark or black during summery weather is the choice of material. This must always be lightweight and breathable.

Cottons and linen are great options when styling that great ladies summer dress. Here are a few things to remember when choosing black outfits for day to summer fashion.

Fashion tip to wearing black for summer
  1. Remember the fabric: This must always be breathable as any type humidity can make you uncomfortable.
  2. Silk, cotton or linen are great choices as they allow the body to breath and won’t make your clothes stick to your body.
  3. Because black is a neutral colour it can be mixed with other bright hues within your wardrobe. Experiment with different colour tones to brighten up your black silhouette for great day of evening fashion looks
Chiffon style top and shorts

A black transparent floaty top like chiffon is idea for cool summer nights and days. Its chic look allows it to be dressed up or down.

A beautiful look is to wear your top with a black bralette or crop top. Pair with a stylish pair of fitted Bermuda shorts. It’s a great balanced daytime or evening look for that girl who love the relaxed fashion look. Complete the look with pastel tone open toe sandals

Tank it with vintage jeans

Opt for a stylish and plain cotton black tank top or even ladies bathing suit. Yes, the all in one bathing suit is hip fashion wear this summer.

Not only are you beach ready but stylishly dressed too! Add a pair of ladies blue distressed ladies jeans and sandals and boom. Subtle yet simple. Complete with either white sneakers or slip on sandals

Black dresses equals bold accessorising

Yes we all know that floral is the given choice for most fashionistas during the summer but black is back baby. For a more formal approach to occasion dressing in black, that perfect LBT (little black dress) or roomy satin style dress with chiffon detailing is ever so elegant. Complete the look with a statement accessory handbag and sling back ladies heels. Oh so chic.

The open black blouse and cropped jeans look

Dressing casual is what summer is really all about. Opt for a cotton button down blouse. This allows for you to adjust (open) the button setting to your own liking to help your body breathe. Add a pair of ladies denim cropped jeans and sandals. It’s cool daytime to evening dressing when chilling with your besties.

The sporty not athleisure wear look

For those of you who like to look good when lounging around then this is an easy look to pull off. Opt for a pair of black comfy shorts with a fitted finish.

Add a white or black cropped tee with white sneakers. It’s sporty yet still on trend. It also shows some effort has gone into your daytime dress.

White Dobby Milkmaid Skater Dress from Missguided

White Dobby Milkmaid Skater Dress from Missguided

The floral dress plus tailored ladies jacket

Back we go to semi-formal fashion and this look should not be ignored. Realistically, it’s a simple yet effective look to pull off. It works with most pastel flavoured ladies floral dresses and kitten heels.

All that is required after that is a fitted like black ladies blazer. This look also works well for a more relaxed fashion look approach. Pair your blue boyfriend jeans with a black bralette and white sneakers. Smart daytime dressing.

The monochrome cowgirl look

No, we are not on about a monochrome dress believe it or not even though they always look stylish and sleek. What we are talking about here is that great white floaty linen dress paired with black cowboy boots. It’s out of the ordinary summer look is different but so relaxed it will get you noticed.

How to stay cool wearing black this summer

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