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Styling tips on what to wear with your strappy heels

Styling tips on what to wear with your strappy heels

Strappy heels are that one shoe trend that never really went out of style. And thank God! They are stylish, versatile and pair well with just about anything you choose to wear. Here at Ladies Fashion Ireland, we show you some styling tips to help you rock your strappy heels this summer.

Casual Strappy Shoes

For those summer days, most of us are looking to wear something comfortable as well as stylish. And this is what makes flat, strappy sandals the way to go.

They are incredibly versatile that they go with everything from skirts, to pants to dresses.

With Jeans

If you want to create a casual denim look, wear a pair of skinny jeans or ones that stop just at your ankle. We don’t need to tell you that there are lots of different washes and styles of denim to choose from. It all comes down to your preference and style.

And the same can be said for your choice of strappy heels. You can wear minimal ones with just a single strap or multiple straps for an edgier look. Wearing jeans and heels is always a great choice as they are a match made in fashion heaven.

Reiss Kendall Chain Detail Heeled Sandals from Arnotts

Reiss Kendall Chain Detail Heeled Sandals from Arnotts

Wide Legged Trousers

Because strappy heels are thin and delicate, they can balance out your look, especially when worn with something bulky, like wide legged trousers.

You can take a style tip from your favourite influencers and tie the straps around the bottom of your pants. This can look particularly striking when you wear white trousers and black heels.

To show off your shoes a bit more, roll the ends of your trousers up for a tapered look.

Evening Heels

There are numerous options for footwear when it comes to a stylish evening look. If you want to go full on glam, think embellishments, rhinestones, silver, and gold strappy heels. For something more supportive, opt to wear a platform heel. Or a chunky one. And don’t be afraid to play around with fabrics. You can go with suede, or satin. But, for a shoe that is on trend this year, go for a velvet finish.


Styling tips on what to wear with your strappy heels

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