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Ways to avoid eyebrow grooming mistakes

Ways to avoid eyebrow grooming mistakes

Between tendencies to over-pluck, an abundance of eyebrow products available nowadays and a lack of artistic ability, getting Insta-worthy brows can be a challenge.

Here at Makeup and Beauty Tips Ireland, we show you 5 of the top brow mistakes you might be making and how to correct them.

The Block Front

Ah, the ‘Scouse’ brow. Big, blocky brows that are the complete opposite of natural.

And the first step the correcting it? step away from brow stencils. Go free hand and, just like using eyeliner, rest your elbow on a flat surface for more support. And don’t forget to use soft, light strokes.

The Tadpole

If you were a 90s teen, you probably know all about tadpole brows. Too much weight at the front of your brows, followed by a thin tail, is not a good look on anyone.

And it tends to draw attention to your face for all the wrong reasons. To fix your brows, start by seeing if your hairs still grow. If not, you need to put down the tweezers and wax for about six weeks. We know, it’s annoying but it will be worth it.

Soft dark brown eyeliner pencil from Charlotte Tilbury

Soft dark brown eyeliner pencil from Charlotte Tilbury

Try using a brow conditioner to encourage hair growth. If all else fails, look into getting your brows micro-bladed. But make sure you do your research.

Too Long

This is where your tail extends too far into the temples of your face, leading to a dropping effect.

When filling in your brows, line your pencil to the point where your nostril meets the bridge of your nose to the outside of your eye. Where this intersects is where your brow should end.

Always make sure you are using light and feathery strokes to cheat the appearance of real hair.

Too Short

Okay, so this is more of an age thing that a fault of your own. As we grow older, we tend to lose the tail of our brows. Men’s brows never stop growing and ours get thinner. I know! Completely unfair.

But we can always cheat with makeup. Especially with a brow gel. They adhere to the skin and the hairs to give you a natural looking finish. To measure where your tail should be, get a makeup brush and hold it against the corner of your nose. Then, line it up with the angle of the end of your eye and this is where your tail should end.

Doing this will lift your cheekbones and balance your face.

Too Heavy

We’ve all been guilty of painting on our brows. But bolder is not always better. Being too heavy-handed is a sure-fire way to getting blocky brows that don’t look good on anyone.

Instead, use light strokes to create the illusion of individual hairs. If using a brow pencil, be sure that it is as sharp as can be. As artist would never draw with blunt pencil. You need precision to get a beautiful brow.


Ways to avoid eyebrow grooming mistakes

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