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How to fuse pastel shades into your fashion look

How to fuse pastel shades into your fashion look

Although usually worn during the springtime, pastel colours can be worn at any time of the year. They look cute, fun and look great on just about everyone.

And because of their common pale undertones, they are super easy to mix and match while still looking stylish.

If you are unsure of pastels, here at Teenage Fashion Ireland, we show you some tips on how to make them work for you.

Yellow And Pink

You can never go wrong with wearing yellow and pink together. And while they are two colour you typically associate with spring; nothing is stopping you from wearing them all year round.

Particularly pastel yellow, which is bang on trend this year. If you get a little chilly, pair a yellow knit with pastel pink trousers and finish with white boots.

Blue And Green

Thanks to being two cool shades, blue and green can look great together. This is also the case with pastel colours. If you have a blue pantsuit, you can wear a green top for a nearly monochrome look. Or, to add some contrast, make your blue or green colour stronger than the other.

If you find that blue and green is getting boring, don’t be afraid to mix in some lavender or yellow. This will ensure you look stylish and turn heads, no matter where you go.

Tailored Oversized Boyfriend Blazer from

Tailored Oversized Boyfriend Blazer from

Muted Tones

If too much colour scares you, opt to wear more muted tones of pastel. Or pair colours that are from a closer family, like pale rose, oranges or yellows.

You don’t have to wear too many shades of pastel with the one outfit. you can take a more subtle approach by wearing a coat in a pastel pink or blue.


Okay. So you may not be ready to jump head first into the pastel colour trend. And that’s fine. It can be scary trying out a new fashion trend. But you can always start small with some accessories.

They can be exactly what your outfit needs, especially items like colourful pastel tights.

And if colourful tights are just not your thing, switch things up with shoes or a bag.


How to fuse pastel shades into your fashion look

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