Diesel and The Better Cotton Initiative

Diesel ramping up efforts to become more fashion sustainable

Diesel ramping up efforts to become more fashion sustainable

In Sustainable Fashion News Ireland, Diesel are the latest clothing company to sign up to the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

Since the introduction of their own sustainability programme at the start of 2020, the Diesel denim brand will now report and provide updates on their own sustainable operations to the BCI.

The Better Cotton Initiative which was founded back in 2005, is a global not-for-profit organisation. Today it is the biggest cotton sustainability program in the world.

The BCI steers towards making global cotton production a lot better and more accountable for the people who produce it.

Their members aim to protect workers and the environment in which cotton is grown Diesel, which was set up back in 1978, are an Italian retail clothing company responsible for producing and selling high quality denim. The company is also responsible for producing high quality fashion clothing as well as footwear and accessories.

The Italian fashion house (Diesel) are already committed to sourcing a minimum of 50% of their cotton as “more responsible cotton” by the year 2025. This also includes better sourced cotton which is recycled and organically grown.

Diesel launched their own “For Responsible Living” strategy, back in January 2020 and are fully commitment to taking action to assist with the current and future generations of cotton production in an ever-changing world.

The Diesel plan includes a four-point strategy which include: (1) Be the Alternative (2) Stand for the Planet (3) Celebrate Individuality (4) Promote Integrity. This they hope will play a major part in promoting sustainable fashion within the fashion industry.

They blueprint already shows they are devoted and focused to integrating sustainability initiatives across all spectrums of their own company’s business activities.

At the start of July, Diesel unveiled their “virus fighting denim” with help from Swedish company Polygiene. This ground-breaking application will physically stop 99% of any viral activity within denim.


Diesel ramping up efforts to become more fashion sustainable

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