Stylish ways to dress for a job interview Ireland

Stylish ways to dress for a job interview

Stylish ways to dress for a job interview

With many people losing their jobs because of Covid-19, that can only mean one thing. Job hunting. As with many people applying for the same job as you than ever before, it’s important that you know how to stand out. If you are lucky to be called for an interview, you know that choosing what to wear is important.

Fortunately, here at Ladies Fashion Ireland, we’ve put together some fashion tips to help you dress for success.

Why Dress Code Is Important

Believe it or not, your clothes will be the first thing your interviewer notices about you. This is before you even manage to say a word to them. so, it’s important that you dress well.

Dressing too casually give the impression that the job is not important to you. As an potential employee, the way you dress is seen as a reflection on the company. As a result, your appearance should be top priority.

Tailored Fit Pencil Skirt from

Tailored Fit Pencil Skirt from

Get To Know The Dress Code

Getting to know the dress code will help you to look more confident. As a result, you give a great impression to your interviewer and hopefully get a second interview.

Industries like banking, accounting or law are considered more formal in their dress codes, so be sure to rock your best suit.

However, as a general rule, it’s always a good idea to dress more formal for an interview unless stated by the company.

How To Dress For Your Interview

There are some key points to remember when dressing for an interview. However, the main one is that it’s always best to dress conservatively. A matching two-piece suit is always a safe bet. If you are worried about having your legs exposed, you can choose to go for trousers and a blazer.

Whichever type of suit you wear, make sure it’s tailored to fit your body. you don’t want to walk into your interview with baggy trousers. take care to iron or press your clothes beforehand. For those of you who like to wear skirts, ensure they fall at least to the knee and not shorter. Rocking up to your interview in a miniskirt is not going to make your interviewer take you seriously.

Wearing a suit jacket with a neutral colour sweater or shirt is a good choice. And while they look great at any other time, you may need to avoid wearing bright and bold colours. Navy, black or brown are safe choices as well as solid colours. However, a subtle weave or plaid can look professional.

As far as jewellery goes, keep things simple. A pair of earrings or a chain will do nicely.


Stylish ways to dress for a job interview

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