How to apply shimmery bronzer makeup

How to apply shimmery bronzer the right way

How to apply shimmery bronzer the right way

When it comes to makeup, who doesn’t love looking like a bronze, glowing goddess? But many bronzers think glowing equals glittery or shimmery.

And they are not the same thing. Shimmery bronzers can swatch beautifully on the back of your hand, but don’t translate well when you put them on your face. The shimmery specks look like glitter and it looks anything but natural. Here at Makeup and Beauty Tips Ireland, we show you how to pull of shimmery bronzer the right way.

How To Apply

The key to pulling off a shimmery bronzer as a natural part of your skin? It all comes down to how you apply your product.

Remember to keep the application light and build up the intensity as you go. Like every makeup product you use, always start off with a light hand when applying. Also, think of your placement. It’s best to keep your shimmery bronzer to the apples of your cheeks and bridge of your nose. This way, it looks liked your skin has been hit by the sun.

NARS Paradise Found Bronzing Powder

NARS Paradise Found Bronzing Powder

And while you may be tempted to use your shimmery bronzer to contour your face, please don’t. they really work best to warm up your complexion.

As to the best formula to use? Cream? Powder? Or Liquid? It really comes down to personal preference. And to build depth, you can layer different products. You can start with a cream bronzer, then finish with a light application of powder to set everything in place.

Liquid and cream formulas work best with liquid foundation and look seamless on your skin.

What Tools Do You Use

This very much depends on what formula you are using. For instance, you may like to use a densely packed dome brush to apply cream bronzer. Or a big, fluffy brush to apply your powders.

If you want your product to appear less shimmery and dewier, here’s what you do. First, use a cream formula and apply the product using a dense brush. Next, go over your bronzer with a damp beauty sponge.

This technique leaves your skin looking sun-kissed but not shimmery. The sponge will help melt the product into your skin for a natural effect.


How to apply shimmery bronzer the right way

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