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Fashion rules to styling men’s canvas sneakers

Fashion rules to styling men’s canvas sneakers

First known as “Keds” that were produced in the US in the 17th Century, today canvass shoes are a great fashion staple for men’s summer fashion footwear.

Their design has come a long way in recent years with them suitable for lots of different fashion occasions. From causal to semi-formal footwear, the canvas sneaker is a favourite for all fashionable men of today.

It’s how you style your canvass sneaker that really counts. Getting the right shade and design can transcend any guys fashion look in an instant. Today in men’s fashion news, we check out styling rules of how to master the canvas sneaker look for men.

The canvas shoe is suitable for men of all ages

Some fashion critics believe that men’s canvass shoes have an acceptable age limit for wear. This is totally untrue as men of any ages can don a pair of casual sneakers.

As a timeless casual piece of classic footwear, age has no limit to enjoy their fabulous looks. From their origins as a sports shoe, they can be paired effortlessly with men’s jeans or trousers.

They look great paired with chinos or men’s shorts. The key thing to remember is colour contrasting with the rest of your assemble. With canvass sneakers constructed using breathable material adds extra comfort to the feet.

Rule number 1: Dressing your canvas sneaker

This is the one of the golden rules that can make or break your look. Their design is based on anything up to semi casual. This means that you shouldn’t try and pair them with anything formal like a 3 piece suit.

Neutral shades of white, navy or greys are always easy tones to fuse with items in your summer wardrobe. For that real relaxed daytime look, navy canvas sneakers, skinny jeans and white tee are a cool set.

Moving into evening casual wear, add khaki men’s chinos with a classic polo shirt for a truly stylish summer feel. This doesn’t mean that you ignore other shades of canvas sneakers like black tones.

Burgundy red fuses with most blue denims. Balancing your colours with the rest of your outfit is vital for a classy fashion day or night look.

Lacoste Men's Lerond Canvas Trainers

Lacoste Men’s Lerond Canvas Trainers

Rule number 2: Keep them clean and presentable

Most of us can throw together a great summer canvas sneaker look with using items from wardrobe, right? Well this will all be in vein, if your sneakers are dirty. Don’t think this just applies to white sneakers as it applies to all colours. OK, canvass is a harder material to maintain than the likes of leather because it is a soft material.

However, by regularly wiping them down and removing grime helps to prevent any build-up of dirt over time. Regular maintenance of any shoe prolongs their shelf life. Plus, it keeps your footwear look clean and tidy like the rest of your attire.

Rule number 3: Styling options for your canvas sneakers

As we said earlier, canvas sneakers are ideal as great summer casual footwear. Their canvas material is best suited to warm dry summery weather. Knowing what colours work best with your canvas shoe is vital for successful dressing.

There is always the danger that by not contrasting your shoe with the rest of your assemble you can off balance your fashion look.
For example, for a smart casual finish, ensure your above waist hues match the tone of your canvas shoe. Bright colours tops like pinky reds, light blues, daffodil yellows are great for daytime summer fashion.

They fuse easily with dark or light distressed denim jeans and shorts. Their reflect shades help you stay cool and comfortable when the sun shines.

Moving into evening casual, don a fitted pair navy jeans or khaki or dark blue chinos with a white or neutral shirt and matching tone canvas sneakers. Always choose a colour that offers versatility that is based on your choice of setting and occasion.


Fashion rules to styling men’s canvas sneakers

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