Marcus Rashford andAdwoa Aboah on front cover of Vogue UK September 2020

Marcus Rashford dons the front page of Vogue Magazine

Marcus Rashford dons the front page of Vogue Magazine

In Irish fashion news, Manchester United star, Marcus Rashford is featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine in the UK. The 22 -year old soccer player is being acknowledged for his charity work in his recent anti-child poverty campaign.

The England forward accompanies British fashion model Adwoa Aboah on the front cover of the UK September edition of Vogue. This is to celebrate Vogue’s ‘Activism Now’ issue which seen Rashford campaign for free school meals for vulnerable children over the summer holiday period.

Given his mum was a hard working woman during his childhood, Rashford was a benefactor of free school meals as a child. The talented star joined Manchester United at the young age of 7 years. Since then he has gone on to represent his club and county at national and international level.

Chatting to Vogue, Marcus told them free school meals were important to him as a kid. He relied on free school meals as a child because his mother only ever received the minimum wage for her work.

Since that time, Rashford vowed to help children and families in similar positions. Staying true to his word, the young Manchurian has come good on his promise to help raise over €21 million euro for kids in England to ensure they don’t go hungry.

He told Vogue: “We as a family experienced what it was like. I always swore to my mum that if one day I was in a position to help, then I would, and an opportunity presented itself. “I had been working with FareShare since before the lockdown so had seen first-hand how parents had become reliant on food banks and the support of the food vouchers.”

Marcus was also aware the damage it could do to his budding carer by speaking out on political matters. However, he took the risk for the good of the children which has paid off.

Rashford added: “Plenty of athletes and clubs work within the communities. You might not always hear about it but that doesn’t mean they aren’t. With me, it has been instilled in me from a young age that I would use my voice to help others and I have a great team around me who have always encouraged me to just be myself. On a sensitive subject like this, being myself was enough, because nobody could tell my childhood story better than me.”

You can see the full interview with the Manchester United star in the September edition of  which is available for digital download or in shops from this Friday (07.08.2020)

Marcus Rashford dons the front page of Vogue Magazine

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