Easy ways to style ladies white sneakers this summer Ireland

Easy ways to style ladies white sneakers this summer

Easy ways to style ladies white sneakers this summer

When it comes to reliable and stable footwear during the summer, every gal should own a pair of white sneakers. Their neutral colouring means that can be paired with almost all of your casual wardrobe. In fact they are probably the most underrated piece of footwear in your closet.

The fact they are comfy is an added bonus to their fabulous look. Getting the right pair of white sneakers is important. They must look good and pair easily with your casual summer assemble.

We take a quick look at simple but effective ways to style ladies white sneakers during the summer months.

Converse White All Star Clean Lift Trainers from Schuh.ie

Converse White All Star Clean Lift Trainers from Schuh.ie

The jeans and white sneakers casual effect

This is probably the most common look that women choose when twinning their white sneakers with daily fashion wear. There is something about white sneakers and jeans that will never go out of fashion.

The fact that their neutral colouring won’t clash with the rest of your look allows you to experiment with different fashion items. Some of the most simplest looks to pull off with jeans and white sneakers is pairing your blue denim skinny jeans with a white tee when the sun is shining. It’s as simple as that.

Cropped jeans are also a fab choice for daytime white sneaker wear. As extra laying when temperatures drop, add a neutral coloured sweater ( beige, ivory, taupe) to keep your look casual yet stylish. One of the other benefits to the white sneaker and jeans look is you can opt for various other coloured denim.

Blacks and greys offer a fab look but be careful as their dark shades are not really resistant to heat. Best leave this look until the sun goes down.

A nice pair of black denim skinnies or straight leg jeans and white sheer floaty top is super evening fashion during the summer. Add your sneaker and boom (stylish and classy) Don’t forget your denim jacket as a piece of classic layering.

The white sneaker and dress look

Mastering this look during the summer is easier than you think. Remember that this is a casual summery look so no heels required. A pair of plain white sneakers pairs effortlessly with a nice ladies floral dress.

Keep your colours bright and dress style simple. Whether you opt for a classic maxi dress or strapless dress are great daytime summer wear with your white sneakers.

Moving towards evening, opt for something a bit more stylish like a white or black lace dress or shift styling. It’s a bit more elegant when entertaining friends or when socialising. Plain white sneakers are the only choice to avoid any colour clashes.

Adidas Ladies White Originals from Schuh.ie

Adidas Ladies White Originals from Schuh.ie

The white sneaker skirt combo

Most skirts are perfect for summer styling. However, the summer allows for the hem line to be raised a few inches to show off your golden suntan. Navy, white and whites are great daytime summer choices.

Brighten above the waist with a colourful top or blouse. Step into the evening with a black, red or navy skirt and pair with a floaty top or blouse or shirt with oversized sleeves. Pair with your white sneakers and you have a nice yet elegant casual summer finish.

The white sneaker and jacket mix

We know that white sneakers can be dressed up or down for great casual summer wear right? Well as we pointed out earlier, your white sneakers can also pose as smart casual wear as well.

Whether paired with dress, skirt or jeans, a smart ladies blazer can lift your look in an instant. It’s summer so keep your choice of jacket or blazer light. The likes of navy, reds even yellow are colours to get you noticed.

Always ensure your choice of jacket is fitted. A denim or short ladies biker jacket are also great options. Colour contrasting is key to a great finished look. Add you white sneakers your done.


Easy ways to style ladies white sneakers this summer

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