Easy ways to improve any men's summer outfit

Easy ways to improve any men’s summer outfit

Easy ways to improve any men’s summer outfit

good style will never be complicated. And while it is true that the devil is in the details, this is particularly true during summer. It’s during these months that the smaller elements of your outfit matter most.

You might be able to hide your outfit with a huge parka jacket during the winter. But as the days get hotter and we begin to strip back, In Men’s Fashion Ireland we show you how to do more with less.

Coloured Sunglass Lenses

Classic sunglasses will never fail to be stylish. Coloured or mirror lenses give your timeless frames a contemporary edge. Just a word of advice? Give careful consideration to the outfit you’ll be wearing with these sunglasses.

Don’t attempt to match your mirror lenses to other colours you wear and don’t wear mirror aviators with a jumpsuit. Unless you want to look like Maverick.

T-Shirt Sleeve Roll

This is a style trick that has been favoured by the fashion greats, like James Dean. Rolling your T-shirt sleeves is a simple way of framing your upper arms and giving everyone tickets to the gun show.

Obviously, your sleeves will already be short, so two rolls the width of your hem will do. This will help you avoid heading into tank top territory.

Lapel Pins

And great outfit should do two things. It should be inexpensive and turn heads when you walk by. Lapel pins, which have made a comeback in recent years, tick both those boxes.

Floral pins will help you to break up the monotony of your suit and stand out at formal events, like a summer wedding. But, be careful of too much accessories. If you want to wear a lapel pin, leave your collar bar and tie pin at home. There are no hard and fast rules with this one. You’ll just have to look in your mirror and judge for yourself.

KG Kurt Geiger Sage Oxford Shoes from Arnotts.ie

KG Kurt Geiger Sage Oxford Shoes from Arnotts.ie

Statement Shoes

Not just reserved for clowns or bowling lovers, a statement shoe is the best way to stand out this season. We don’t have to tell you that your neon running shoes belong in the gym.

However, with the rest of your shoe collection, don’t be afraid to go bold with throwback colours and shapes. Or you can keep things classy with a brighter tone in fabrics such as suede.

On the formal side of things, bright laces on an Oxford shoe will never look good. Instead, go for loafers or Derbies in less classic colours like grey or green. This will give you an eye-catching foundation to build your outfit on.


Though many men have spent years avoiding tucking in their shirts, it’s a simple way to elevate your look. Cramming your hems into your waistband is a quick and free way to smarten up your outfit and earn some serious style points in the process.

For the best results, go for a slim-fitting top that won’t have much billowing fabric. Pair it with the uncluttered staple pieces like a smart trouser and laid-back leather sneakers.


Easy ways to improve any men’s summer outfit

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