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Stella McCartney set to produce sustainable eyewear

Stella McCartney set to produce sustainable eyewear

In sustainable fashion news, Stella McCartney has agreed to partner with Thélios for a new eco-friendly eyewear collection.

The 48-year old British fashion designing has signed an agreement with Thélios which will see her stamp her name to new sustainable eyewear will be a collaboration between herself and Thélios which are both part of the LVMH corporation.

The name Thélios makes reference to Greek mythology which is a combination of Theia, goddess of light and sight, and Helios, god of the sun. This exclusive partnership will see the pair unveil launch their first collection in 2021.

In a media statement released by the London designer, Stella confirmed the new partnership adding that she has always been committed to creating fashionable items that has the least impact on the planet This includes plastic-heavy luxury eyewear category. McCartney is already accepted and recognised as one of the leading environmentally fashion designers in the world today.

To date she has partnered on projects like producing the world’s first biodegradable stretch denim with Italian company, Candiani. Other ventures include collaborations with German sports company, Adidas to produce Vegan Stan Smith trainers as well as a recyclable hoodie.

CEO of Thélios, Giovanni Zoppas is delighted to be working with the eco-friendly British fashion designer. In a statement released by Thélios, he said “Stella’s unique vision will also benefit our other maisons that are truly committed to limiting their environmental footprint and using sustainable materials.”

Stella McCartney developed an interest in fashion from an early age. When she was just 13, she designed her first jacket. As a lifelong vegetarian, Stella excludes leather and fur from any of her creations.

She is a constant advocator and supporter of animal rights which includes PETA. On one of her jackets she designed with Adidas, it carries a sleeve that says ‘suitable for sporty vegetarians.


Stella McCartney set to produce sustainable eyewear


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