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The best skirt trends to try in summer 2020

The best skirt trends to try in summer 2020

Skirts are set to be that fashion piece that will take over your summer wardrobe. If it hasn’t already. And with many different styles and fabrics available, At Ladies Fashion Ireland, we show you the best fashion trends to try out this summer 2020.


As we all know, satin completely took over fashion trends last year and this year is going to be no different. And this is why we are recommending you treat yourself to a satin skirt for summer 2020. You can style it in a variety of ways, from casual days to nights out with your friends for some social-distancing drinks.


Tulle is that one fabric that just screams summer. It’s light, airy and doesn’t make boil up in hot weather. It may not be the easiest garment to get but it can be a great addition to your wardrobe. And, when paired with a tank top, makes for a very cute outfit perfect for the beach.

Rosanna Indigo Linen Midi Skirt from Divine Boutique

Rosanna Indigo Linen Midi Skirt from Divine Boutique


We can all agree that we cannot live without our denim. Be that skirts, or jeans, or even shirts. It is that one material that will never go out of style. Plus, it looks great on just about everyone.

So, what is stopping you from having a denim skirt in your wardrobe this summer? Get one in black and you can turn it into a casual look or a work staple.

Bright Pencil

Anything in a bright colour will help to bring a joyful and fun vibe to your wardrobe. And, as a pencil skirt is wardrobe staple, why not combine the two?

And to be truly bang on trend, choose one in one of the biggest colours of 2020, red. Or yellow. Blue. Just make sure it’s a bright colour.


This is for all you petite people out there who struggle to find a skirt that suits you. Get yourself a striped skirt. preferably vertical stripes.

Not only will they give a contemporary twist to your outfit but will help to make you look taller. And it is super simple to style. Pair it with a plain blouse or shirt and let the skirt do the talking.


The best skirt trends to try in summer 2020

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