How to take the perfect selfie

7 tips that will help you take the best selfie

7 tips that will help you take the best selfie

We have mad respect for influencers on Instagram. Creating high-quality makeup looks takes some skill and achieving a glowing complexion is something to marvel at.

And they also have a talent for presenting their work in perfectly lit photos. If you are worried about your selfie game and want some influencer-worthy tips, Here at Makeup and Beauty Tips Ireland will show you how.

Face The Sun

Many influencers have more than likely invested in professional lighting and cameras. But us ordinary people do not have that luxury. But you can just stand in front of your window or somewhere bright – but not so bright that you have to squint. The sun will give your skin a natural glow and make your features and makeup pop.

Use Plants

If your simple white wall doesn’t work for you, or you don’t have a clutter-free zone to work with, use a house plant. It may look weird to your parents or roommates, but it’ll give your snaps a cool, editorial vibe.

Play Around With Angles

Sometimes, tilting your head a certain way can make all the difference to your selfies. Move your head and chin around and play with nuances. Once you find an angle you like, don’t be afraid to stick to it. pretty soon, you won’t have to think about it.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Set from

Bobbi Brown Makeup Set from

Look In The Mirror

Do you ever look in the mirror and think ‘I just look that damn good’? but then your selfies don’t turn out right? Point your camera at your mirror and snap away. This will help create dimensions and add some interest to your Insta feed.

Use Your Hands

Sometime, looking straight into a camera can make us feel awkward and self-conscious. So, incorporate your hands and use them as a prop. Resting your chin in your hand will give your selfie a more relaxed feel and make you feel less insecure.

Go Outdoors

We know how it is. You spend hours playing around with makeup and feel super cute. So, you want to take a quick snap for your Insta. The only problem is that your indoor light is just not co-operating. So take it outside. And use that greenery and blue sky as your backdrop.

Do Not Try And Be Perfect

Okay, we are here to tell you something which you probably already know. And that is perfection does not exist. There is no such thing as being perfect. Not even your favourite beauty influencers, who never take a ‘bad’ selfie, are perfect.

The best selfies come about when you feel most like yourself. So, let go of the idea you need to look a certain way and just have fun with the camera.


7 tips that will help you take the best selfie

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