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Why you need to own a pair of denim dungarees

Why you need to own a pair of denim dungarees

Denim dungarees are that one piece in your wardrobe that never went out of style. They are incredibly versatile and can take you from morning to night easily.

But although they may be cosy and cute, some people find them hard to style. Here at Teenage Fashion Ireland we show you some fashion tips to help you style your denim dungarees.


This year, it’s all about vintage. From dresses, to tops to everything in between. Including your denim. People are shying away from their beloved skinny jeans to more relaxed styles.

Vintage denim dungarees are cosy, cute and look great on everyone. They are timeless and easy to dress up or down. All you need is some sneakers and your choice of shirt.


Many people think of denim as an essential piece to add to their wardrobe. But, when you hear the word ‘denim’, you probably don’t think of chic or elegant.

Well, think again. Flared and wide-legged overalls can be a game-changer to your wardrobe. Especially styled with your favourite strappy heels and chiffon blouse. To finish your outfit, play around with accessories, like a tote bag or sunglasses.

White Stuff Blue Slim Denim Dungarees from

White Stuff Blue Slim Denim Dungarees from


The biggest trend this season is short denim pinafore type dungarees. We are going to guess that you probably wore them as a child. But now they have gotten an upgrade and are easy to wear as an adult.

For those hot summer days – not that we usually get many in Ireland – you can wear a swimsuit or crop top under your dungarees. And when it gets a bit chilly, they can look super stylish with a sweater and tights.

And for a total throwback look, finish your outfit off with a belt around your waist.


If you love the look of an all-white outfit, get yourself a pair of white dungarees. And, due to the fact that all you need to do is put them with your favourite white shirt, they are super easy to style.

A little tip? Go for a pair that is a different style to your top. Like boyfriend jeans with a ruffled blouse. The contrast will give your outfit some interest. Or, if you want to add a little edge to your look, try wearing a mesh top underneath your dungarees.


Why you need to own a pair of denim dungarees

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