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The top 5 trending men’s sunglasses to own in summer 2020

The top 5 trending men’s sunglasses to own in summer 2020

When it comes to getting the right men’s sunglasses, there are a few ways to go about it. You can go for the classic designs or look at what’s trending with shapes, colours and eras.

Get it right, and you’ll have a fun addition to any outfit you choose. With that in mind, here are just 5 of the top trending sunglasses designs for summer 2020.

Rounded Sunglasses

Rounded glasses are a must of this season. And the best designs combine metal fronts and acetate frames. If you have square or diamond-shaped faces, these frames will work a treat.

If your head is lacking lines, rounded glasses are not entirely off limits. Frames with a horizontal brow-bar are the way to go. Always make sure whatever choice of sunglasses you choose that they include adequate UV Protection.

Geometric Sunglasses

If wearing rounded glasses is not going to work with your face shape, this year’s geometric designs could be your answer. They add structure to certain face shapes and can make you stand out from the crowd. D to their shape, subtlety is key. Choose frames that are thin and classic.

Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses from Ray-Ban

Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses from Ray-Ban

Colourful Frames

When buying sunglasses, ones that are wearable should be at the top of your list. But for those of you who have a few pair of classic designs, colourful ones can make a welcome addition to your wardrobe.

The best designs have the same colour throughout. And with lenses tinted in the same colour as the frames, you’ll be seeing life in yellow, red or purple.


Aviators are that trend that never fully went away. They do tend to wax and wane in popularity. And right now, aviators are having their moment in the sun.

Main updates include a single brow ridge. To get a pair that have a modern look, opt for gold frames, colourful lenses or patterns frames. This way you don’t accidentally twin with your dad.


It’s official. The Brit Pop era is back. Along with your parka jackets and fringe hairstyles, sunglasses have made a triumphant return. Invariably whacky, this period of fashion gave us dubious designs that should be approached with caution.

Rocking this trend comes down to figuring out which sunglasses to save from the ones that should never be resurrected. If you are looking to channel the best of the decade, colourful blue and orange lenses encased in titanium frames will work best.


The top 5 trending men’s sunglasses to own in summer 2020

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