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Frasers Group accused of underpaying workers

Frasers Group accused of underpaying workers

In Irish fashion news, British fashion retailer, Fraser Group have come under fire for allegedly underpaying their warehouse staff.

In a report carried out by The Guardian newspaper in the UK, they claim staff at The Fraser Group’s warehouse at their Shirebrook facility in Derbyshire were not paid during breaks.

The investigative journalist who broke the story was under at the time of their report and claims that staff at the Fraser Group plant were instructed to remain on site during their unpaid 30-minute rest breaks.

According to some employment experts in the UK, they claim that employees should be paid for their time if told by the employer to remain on the premises. This would mean that staff were being paid £8.20 opposed to the legal minimum wage in the UK which is £8.72.

This follows in the footsteps of accusations made against Manchester fashion house, Boohoo who were called out for using a third-party supplier who “allegedly” underpaid staff at the Leicester warehouse during COVID-19.

In response to the allegations made by The Guardian, the Frasers Group, have hit back stating that their staff are free to do their own thing in their own time during their breaks.

They state they are not asked carry-out work duties on behalf of the company. They deny any wrong-doing against these false allegations by The Guardian.

A representative for The Fraser Group, state that workers at their facility usually spend their entitled work breaks on a terrace at the premises or in the staff canteen during their breaks.

None of them are asked or required to work during this time and no such rule exists that staff are required to remain on the premises during their breaks.

However, some legal experts disagree claiming that if staff are prohibited from leaving their place of work during their breaks then they are entitled to be paid.

The Frazer Group is a parent of Sports Direct, House of Fraser, Flannels, USC and Jack Wills employs over 18,000 people. It is owned by majority shareholder of the group. Mike Ashley.

This isn’t the first time the Shirebrook facility has been in trouble over workers’ pay. Back in 2015, allegations arose that the company was in breach of paying the correct minimum wage.. This saw owner Mr Ashley being hauled before British MP’s to explain his company’s actions towards his workers.

It then led to major changes to how the company now operates. Shift workers at the time on temporary agency contracts were moved to full time contracts. This also saw the company eliminating their work practice of docking workers 15 minutes pay every time they were one minute late.


Frasers Group accused of underpaying workers

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